15 July 2008


last february my girlfriend bought me tickets to see dj shadow and cut chemist for my birthday. one of the gifts ever... but we missed the show because amtrak kept delaying the departure time and when we finally left, there was an 1 hour delay halfway there. so now all i have are unhappy memories and unused dj shadow + cutchemist live at parkwest tickets. cool!
this is isn't the chicago show, but i'm assuming its just as good since they actually made a dvd of it.
oh, they're using eight turntables and only 45's. dang!

dj shadow + cut chemist - hard sell

why the name change?

because some other group had the name. stupid.
anyway, resurrection is one of those albums (along with jazzmatazz and reachin' a new refution...) that got me into hip hop, but mainly got me into beats. no id dropped some gems on this album. you better axe somebody... or download.

common - resurrection

14 July 2008

low and medium places

i was going to write about how i don't really like high places a whole lot, but as i write this post... i've become a different man. i like high places. a song from their upcoming LP (on fat cat) changed my mind.

high places - high places EP

10 July 2008

ob-la-di, ob-la-da

do you guys remember that show "life goes on"? during the opening credits the boy with downs, corky, sings with the rest of the family. he's not a good singer, but i liked hearing him sing. it just kind of made you feel good. well, vincent gallo is kind of like my corky without the feeling good part.

vincent gallo - recordings of music for film

08 July 2008

hard drugs

valet makes me feel like i do drugs and its 1970. that's the only description i can think of right now... i woke up too early and think i'm about to go back to sleep.

valet - naked acid

07 July 2008

BoC 2.0

any other day i would have poured a glass of lemon haterade all over this, but not today... i actually like tycho's music quite a bit.
real talk though: its not always a good idea to show your influences as blatant as this... luckily, it works for tycho.

tycho - past is prologue