31 December 2009

lost for a while

hopefully this new year and me turning 28 in a few months doesn't mean me turning into a sad shit. maybe its the weather or maybe its girls being devils. maybe its both. but its mostly females being devils. seriously, why do you guys have to be a bunch of shitheads? the nice ones are with butt-holes, the mean ones play games, the smart ones are just too smart and know better, and the interesting ones are the most effed up,
daedelus seemed to have gotten lucky. he and his wife made a pretty lovely album for doing anything to. you can sleep to it, wake up to it, drive to it, even play wii to it (i was doing that while the upload was going on).
there are a few things that disgust me with this album though. the first one being that my favorite track on here is about cats. i really don't like cats. they're supreme turds and they don't listen for shits. the other disgusting thing is their love for eachother. you can just hear it throughout the album. can't they just keep that to themselves? i'm happy for them and all, but efffffff.

really though, there are some very nice songs on here. besides 'cat fancy', 'woebegone' is a gem for the lonesome. and gem is her name!

the long lost - the long lost

i don't even know how to start....

well, i bought this at pitchfork last summer. and its pretty good.
think stereolab + getz & jobim + kraftwerk... (i don't even know how to be clever anymore). just listen to it then buy it from the record label. i won't mention what the label is, because they're pretty on top of links. just do an amazon music search for 'camino del sol'.


sorry for the lack of a creative post. i'm tired and my mind is elsewhere. i just wanted to share some good tunes that reminds me of warmth and good times.