30 August 2013

important questions

hey morning people, what is wrong with you? do you really like waking up early? or are you lying to yourself? how do you do wake up early as eff, in a good mood, eating eggs and pancakes and shit? HOW THE EFF? i want to wake up like a foldgers commercial too, okay? teach me your way. (and don't say go to bed earlier, because that's not going to happen... it's not how i work).

seriously, all i want out of life right now is to be laying in my stupid bed. sleeping.

here's some stupid wake up music.

(it's not stupid music, but i think everything is stupid right now)

various - World Psychedelic Classics 3: Love's A Real Thing - The Funky Fuzzy Sounds Of West Africa

29 August 2013

so i finally got my sister to care about adventure time. she really likes lumpy (and my impression of lumpy)... i think because apparently lumpy sounds like one of her dance instructors. my mom likes to make fun of her: "okay like dew like 3 moaare (flips) then dew 2 moaare. or dew like 2 moaare first then dew 2 moaare. like i don't know. just do 5 more." my mom isn't always the nicest person, but she's my mom and i love her - even when she threatens to break my arm for being a dummy sometimes. (she's not really going to break my arm, guys. it's okay. DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME)

to those of you who know me, i will not do an impression of lumpy for you. i'll either have to be really tired or under the influence of a few drinks (which doesn't happen often)... so don't ask... because it won't happen.

(i'm posting this track because it's cool and not in the zip file)

Yosi Horikawa - wandering ep

26 August 2013

some sisters have bad taste in stay home programming

my little sister said adventure time was depressing. wtf, little sister? you don't know what a depressing cartoon is until you've watched david the gnome. it was one of those cartoons that was on when you're home sick from school chilling on the couch trying to find something to watch. it was either the price is right, soaps, or david the gnome. 1987-(whenever i stopped caring about cartoons when i was sick) were the worst years to stay home from school. do you guys know what happened at the end of the final episode of david the gnome? (spoiler) he turns into a tree. david the gnome turns into a TREE. life lessons. you get sick, stay home from school, eventually you die because you're sick, and then you turn into a tree.

speaking of staying home from school, i had to watch my nephew today... guess what we watched. adventure time, suckaaas. i'm pretty sure he didn't understand the jokes i was laughing at, but he laughed anyway.

i'm not really sure what music to post to go along with this. either something as depressing as david the gnome or something as cool as adventure time. maybe both? okay, both. the first one is the depressing david the gnome type release.

c. wolfe - p is b


d'flower - ep

24 August 2013

rhyming words / smelly tu _ _ s (fill in the blank)

i'm procrastinating. which means i'm going to post some music. lucky you.

i was eating with my mom and sister earlier and we were talking about me and how i was when i was really young... like when i was a baby up till i was 6 or 7. i told my little sister the story about how i hated my pre school teacher because she yelled at me for not thinking cat rhymed with cat. technically it does rhyme, but what the eff?! get off my shit, man. who rhymes the same words and thinks it's okay? i didn't even think it was okay when i was 4. Mrs. Connor, i hope you're not such a lame anymore. you were the only teacher to make me cry and feel stupid.

machinedrum - (rhymes with connor's dumb)

music post

i've been sitting on this for a minute. it's about time i shared it. and you know what? i'm going to actually talk about the album.

it's pretty good. i like track 3, 7, and 10 the most. (i skip track4)

really, i just wanted to post this because i finally listened to it and liked it.

i suppose i should say something about something about my life. well... i took a drug test for a new job today. i accidentally peed on my hand. it was warm. unless the generic fruit loops i've been eating have drugs in them, i passed. (someone congratulate me!)

forest swords - (the new one )

23 August 2013

gawd (edited from gahd)

sometimes people say words differently than me - it's called an accent (i know i have one too). normally, i would just think about where that person is from and keep to myself, but when the accent is a cross between english and valley girl, everything changes. just think about it... someone from england with a valley girl accent... how the eff does that happen? and where would this person be from? canada, that's how and where. i just thought they said things like "a-boot" for "about" or "sore-ee" for "sorry." i was wrong. maybe it's just the one i talk to? i don't want to pin this on the whole population of canada. pretty sure you all don't sound this dumb. (joking! don't hate me!)

i guess i should post something from north america's hat. you're not welcome.

babe rainbow - shaved ep

18 August 2013

cool vs cold

i can't stress that enough.

i feel like master p right now. but i'm not a retired rapper... or even a rapper. it's weird to think about hip hop aging. it's like it didn't know it got old. or maybe it did, but it doesn't care because every phase of it's life has been cool to the cool kids... including it's midlife crisis years (1998-2000something). so it's more like that old guy who you know is old but is still cooler than you. (this isn't a metaphor for me by the way... i'm not 40 and i don't think i'm that cool).

but back to my frustrations. no matter how honest you are, you're not going to please everyone. i'd like to think i'm not as cold i was made to feel tonight, but i don't know. see that? i may not be old and cool, but i might be old and cold. and "what's cooler than cool?... ICE COLD." - andre 3000

the music is from a post i took down a few days ago. it's still relevant.

clap! clap! - gwidingwi dema

wreck and reference - black cassette

16 August 2013


i think i've rewritten this post at least ten times.

there's so much i want to say, but i'll wait to say it to you. just two things i want you to know right now: i hate you for turning me into a sap turd. the other thing is, you really do make me so happy.

skywave - echodrone

p.s. happy birthday!!! :)))))
p.p.s. thank you for this album

15 August 2013


it feels so perfect.

(i'll probably try to fall asleep to this)

michiru aoyama - 音は光る (the sound is shining)

12 August 2013

$5 worth

i remember when i was around 6 or something, my older sister tricked me into doing an embarrassing dance by offering $5 if i did the dance for 30 seconds. 30 seconds may not seem like a long time, but if you're doing something embarrassing for that long, it seems like forever. anyway, so i did the dance IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS and my a-hole sister only to get laughs... no $5. today i mentioned this story to my mom and younger sister (to illustrate how mean my older sister was to me) and how it's why i have low self esteem (jokingly) and she said she wouldn't have let that happen. well... she did let that happen. my mom was there! she also said i must have been stupid, because why would i believe my sister? thanks mom. you're the best.

this is probably why i hate you all (but not really).

(i can remember a story from when i was 6, but i can't remember if i've posted this album already. also, i don't like track one... don't let that deter you from the rest of the album)

beak - >>

09 August 2013

no ifs


woke up with the same sigh i went to bed with (i'll probably go back to bed in a minute b/c it's way too early to be awake). that's all i really have to say. well, that's not true... i have so much to say about the sigh i'm posting about but i'm choosing to leave it at that because maybe i feel optimistic things will turn out the way i want and i'd rather not jinx anything (even though i don't think it would be jinxed... and i just feel embarrassed about being a daydreaming 12 year old because i try to keep my cool but can't).

elvis depressedly - holo pleasures

(bandcamp link)

07 August 2013

a post about nothing with music i think i've already posted

interviews make me so nervous. it's not even till tomorrow, but still. maybe it's a good thing i'm so tired right now.

my mom is playing candy crush, my dad is watching honey boo boo (or whatever it's called), little sister is on her phone looking at one direction pictures on instagram. she doesn't know i can see what she's looking at. i'll stop looking... i don't want to turn into my mom... trying to look at my computer screen to see what i'm doing or who i'm talking to. it makes looking at tumblr nearly impossible. if she saw a boob or a butt on my screen... oh man. i like how google chrome is cool with the way tumblr is spelled but isn't about to let someone type instagram without a red line underneath. you know what else is cool? i'm really tired at 10pm and i'm trying to type this and it's going to be all loopy and stupid and just me giving a play by play of the day (maybe).

still haven't figured out what i'm wearing tomorrow, but i have potential interview clothes in the wash, so i can't go to sleep yet. why the eff am i writing about nothing?

here's some music for wanting to sleep but you can't because you need to throw your clothes in the dryer. it's nice to dream about dreaming.

clickits - s/t

la última empanada

i hate you all the way i hate white creamy foods.

something-something-metaphor about scooping out the vanilla pudding from the empanada because it grosses me out.

here's some music because i don't really hate you at all.

(this terrible post isn't my fault. i got made fun of today about my writing style/format for this blog, so i'm doing this because it was really funny to me and because i'm a hater sometimes. if i ever can't blog here, expect a shithead to blog in my place. also expect shitty posts like this one... but also expect good music)

narvu. - shocka.