23 June 2014

you know how you know you're old? your mother effing hips start hurting when you walk for more than 30 minutes. i had to stop at a starbucks b/c my hips were in pain. and i'm sure i'm going to have to stop again when my knees start hurting... b/c they will start hurting soon. what's weird/sucks is that i stopped caring about my grey hairs so much and started caring more about my old man hips. for real though, i have old people hips now. you guys, i'm that much closer to death... kind of like this blog.

there are a few things i want to post about right now, but won't. i don't think i like you guys enough. that should be apparent by my lack of posts. maybe we're just taking a break. i love you guys so much, i decided to set you free. jkjkjkjkjkjk.

in about an hour Mexico plays Croatia and i'm trying to think of where to go to watch the game (i'm in toronto right now). last world cup i was in paris watching the game with all my people by the eiffel tower. i love seeing everyone in a green jersey cheering for Mexico when at a place where there aren't a lot of Mexicans. i don't know why i don't have a green jersey yet. maybe b/c adidas made it ugly as eff for this wolrd cup. why are you trying to play us, adidas? i don't appreciate that chit. maybe also b/c a jersey is $90. i love my father's motherland, but not enough to spend $90 on an ugly jersey. i can buy a decent pair of jeans that i'll wear almost everyday for that amount of money. i can see myself being too embarrassed to wear some handcrafted bullshit adidas designed for more than as long as mexico plays. if these were the jerseys from last WC, i'd be down. for now i'll try to find a non official shirt that says mexico on it. or maybe i'll just stick with the keychain on my backpack (which only set me back 2/$5)... and it's not ugly. anyway, SI SE PEUDE!

i don't really know what to post. maybe since i saw run the jewels last night and can't really upload anything with this slow wifi, i'll post a link for that. it's not my favorite thing, but they put on a really good show.

run the jewels - pt.1 (just click "get it now" form the fools gold page)