31 July 2007

japan wins the money

pitchfork hates casino versus japan (giving a 3.3 for this particular album,'Numbers Play the Basics') for some reason. maybe its the stick up their pretentious chicago a-holes?
anyway, i like this album...even if everything casino versus japan does sounds like boards of canada.

casino versus japan - whole numbers play the basic<---link

29 July 2007

colleen plays a good sampler

Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers<----link
this french girl knows how to sample records. too bad this is the only album where she uses samples. the only way to describe it is if four tet was a french girl that didn't program drums and made ambient music (this comparison has been used before, but i'm going to use it anyway).

and because i don't like you guys so much:

colleen - Mort Aux Vaches<---link
its a limited run of 500. i was lucky enough to get one of the originals before they sold out.
in this ep, colleen plays all the instruments herself and was recorded live. enjoy.

27 July 2007

taking a leak on my leg

leak day four

a few words describe Level Live Wires, the new album by odd nosdam: fuzzy, dirty, and then some other words. its like shoegaze analog hip hop beats from oakland. if you are familiar with the sound of cLOUDDEAD then you'll know what i'm talking about (as mister nosdam is the beat maker for the bay area crew). peep game suckas.
odd nosdam - Level Live Wires<---link

25 July 2007

for matty g

day three of the leaks

sounds like the 60's using samples of the zombies with insane drum programming. i think rjd2 tried to do this... but he sucked at it.

it took too long to get this album

i remember the first time i watched fantastic planet; the music for it instantly said "sample me". unfortunately that asshole madlib got to it first.

fantastic planet (la planete sauvage)<----link


and because i don't like you...

dorothy ashby - afro harping<----link

24 July 2007

kevin drew/dru down

day two of the leaks.

today i'll go with...... kevin drew of broken social scene.
the first time i listened to it i thought it was just okay. so i listened to it again in case i missed something...nope, i didn't miss anything. this is just an okay album. the best track is 'tbtf', which GorillavsBear posted a while back. heres the rest anyway.

kevin drew - spirit if... <---link


i'm not sure why, but i used to really like 'can you feel me?' by dru down.

bay area!!!

22 July 2007

your Múm and UNKLE

i'm glad Múm didn't stop after the departure of Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir. instead of reading about how much their sound has changed, you should hear for yourself.

Múm - Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy<--link to download


and UNKLE should have stopped after Dj Shadow left.

post Shadow era: UNKLE - Burn My Shadow mp3

Shadow era: UNKLE - Rabbit in your Headlights mp3

19 July 2007

i also like Kiln more than i like you.

this morning i went to ghostly international's site and was excited to find out that Kiln has a new album to be released in september. the new album, titled 'dusker', is up for preview here. i'm actually excited to buy a cd other than 'strawberry jam'. good shit, ghostly international.

for those not familiar with Kiln, they turn organic drum sounds into semi-unrecognizable beats and clicks, and use guitars almost like synthesizers to create drone-like melodies that are best described as floaty but not too floaty. they also have a ridiculous knack for rhythm on the MPC....i'm jealous.

i recommend listening to this on your headphones or on speakers that aren't shitty.

mp3: Kiln - ero from 'idol tryouts'

17 July 2007

there is nothing according to ela

Ela Orleans (aka Lizzy Swimmers) has got it going on...if you like to listen to music that makes you think you're a toddler on too much couch syrup(i do). being 1/3 of hassle hound i guess i should of expected that. her influences include david axelrod, the beach boys, brian eno, nancy sinatra, and the beatles. maybe in some strange acid induced world where children are taller than adults i can see her being the product of all those groups.

Ela's song 'walkingman'(mp3 link) plays like an existentialist version of john lennon's 'imagine'. you can definitely hear her influence on hassle hound or hassle hound's influence on her...i'm not sure which yet.

16 July 2007

3000 mixtapes

i woke up this morning with a few good finds, one of them being a new mixtape (its actually more like a 'best of' album) by andre 3000. and since i'm not a stingy person, here you go:
i really don't like you

the 'i don't like you' link above is to a blogsite that is hosting the download. they have a few link protectors so you'll have to wait a few seconds for the download.

cheese and other french things

TTC makes me laugh (like a french person):

did you see those mustaches? makes me want to grow one...or pencil one in.

im not sure why, but i really like french hip hop, especially these guys. its like if mars had a hip hop scene that rapped in french.
that chubby white guy dancing and rapping in the video put me in a giving mood, so est ici TTC's Bâtards Sensibles

other french things:
"Les Misérables"
french toast
french fries

14 July 2007

i got into an internet argument with a teenage girl about madlib

she thought madlib was a genius, i'm like no.

me: YNQ (yesterday's new quintet) sounds like kenny g. it is really boring stuff.
the stupid teenage girl: If you think YNQ is mediocre I don't want to know what you think is good. Your comparision to Kenny G is a load of shit, if you're going to make deriding analogies, try to make them cogent. Madlib's beats are fine, and even if he had shit beats his rhymes are awesome. Yes I have sampled and made beats, I'm effing 17, of course I'm not on a label.
me: i don't remember exactly what i said, but it was something like: his beats are sloppy and he kind of sucks at sampling. then i tell her that i'm in D4L and i'm a millionaire producer that made the beat for 'laffy taffy'.
the stupid teenage girl: I've never heard of them, but I just sampled Laffy Taffy, it's complete shit and I'm not saying this with malicious intent. It's absurd how anyone can produce something so horrible and still have the gall to criticise Madlib, now it's impossible for me to take you seriously.
me: you are just mad that i'm making millions and madlib is only making thousands.
the stupid teenage girl: It's not a question of money but of quality, I don't care how much you're making considering the crap you've produced.

i said something else after that but i don't remember. this all took place on our lastfm comment box; i was able to see what she wrote, but i can't see what i wrote.

moral: don't take yourself too seriously on the internet

and here is a prize for reading this far: advance copy of madlib's beat konducta 3: beat konducta in India

i have yet to get a good listen to this, but from what i have heard.....it kind of sucks.
but if you like it, be sure to support the artist and pick-up this album when it comes out...or go buy a copy of quasimoto - the unseen.

people like people that give things to people

so how about a nice song about a doggy?
or a live song about that same doggy?

or my favorite drawing ever...


i eat my peanut butter sandwich with STRAWBERRY JAM

it just tastes better with strawberry jam. i feel(s) a bit safer eating it that way.

(just in case you guys didn't get what i was saying, i posted the leak for animal collective's strawberry jam, safer, and the link to download feels.
if you like it, be sure to support the artist and buy the albums when they come out)