15 December 2010

top 7 albums i didn't dance to this year

it was a strange year. i spent a lot of time alone, made some new friends, was thrown a surprise birthday party, did a lot of thinking, and a lot of not posting. sorry.
this list is a work in progress and the only thing it reflects are the first seven releases i remembered (and really liked) this year. is that okay?
you can purchase each release via the link attached to the artist's name or check it out via the link attached to the album name (none of the links are mine... i just did a google search and in most cases it was the first link to come up)
in no order:
Oscar McClure - Compost +remixes

homeboy makes some pretty wild experimental hip hop beats. think about that... wild - experimental - hip hop. as if experimental wasn't enough... it's wild too. TRILL!

Polymer Slug - Simple Displays Of Control

just yesterday i got this in ze mail and already it has consumed my december. made with only his roland juno 60, young dunny gave them something to talk about... let's about love.

oOoOO - oOoOO

i don't know what's not to like about this... except for the stupid label you dringles are trying to give it. nothing against wicans - i mean, i like 'charmed' as much as the next teenage boy - but really, witch house? come on...
and it's pronounced "oh", jerks.

sleep ∞ over - sleep ∞ over

you know what they say about girl bands...
they all have ovaries. i said it.
no, but really, sleep over makes some pretty haunting music with melodies that stay in my head. i like those melodies there.

forest swords - dagger paths

beats, samples, guitars, drone-stuff... its pretty good. i like it. okay?!

the soft moon
- the soft moon

there's something about san francisco bands im really drawn to. there's a certain mood/vibe. maybe because its something familiar... it just makes me feel a certain way. i can't explain it. GOOD ONE, dude. say something one more time.

tamaryn - the waves

my choice for album of the year.
another one of those san francisco bands that make me think i still live there. i love it.
and i didn't post a link to download this one. just take my word for and buy the album.

31 March 2010

march calmness

march is over. am i sad about it? nope. i aint no sissy. shoot.

various - march calmness

1. White Hinterland - Icarus
2. Memory Cassette - Lately (Deuxième)
3. Coyote Clean Up - this house boat is making me sea sick
4. Sleep Over - Sun Spots
5. Pure Ecstasy - Voices
6. Black Tambourine - Black Car
7. The Raveonettes - Heart Of Stone (Dum Dum Girls Cover)
8. Beach Fossils - Desert Sand
9. Sun Araw - Horse Steppin
10. Bobb Bruno - Fairy Tale Ending

15 February 2010


last night i made a slightly dark/depressing playlist in preparation for my 28th birthday (today). today turned out to be not so depressing, but i still like the playlist. lay on your bed, stare at the ceiling, eat some chocolate (as it apparently causes nightmares), fall asleep, and prepare for frightening dreams. FASCINATING!

various - olders

jane - berserker
boards of canada - kid for today
delia derbyshire & barry bermange - "dreams" part 4: sea
colleen - sea of tranquility
flying lotus - spin cycles
grouper - poison tree
twine - girl song
jacaszek - powoli
the dead texan - glen's goo
blue sky research - sleep