26 February 2013

pronounced (h)eavy

been applying/sending resumes/writing stupid ass cover letters for jobs all day and listening to my cousin talk to his WoW friends about his guild. this shit is perfect in my ears right now. it's that too cool for cool type shit. that shit that makes you think you'd look good in a leather jacket, but when you get to the store it looks dumb on you and you get embarrassed and blog about it later because the internet is mostly anonymous. i don't understand why everyone else looks good in leather jackets. shit pisses me off.

(i'm re-doing things here. it might look stupid for a while)

evy jane - s/t ep

25 February 2013

let's sweat, baby uuuuuuhhhhhh

this one's for the guys who can't talk to girls (or guys or vice versa... whatever you prefer... i don't care). next time you see a girl (or boy) and think "daaaaaaaaamn" and your hands start sweating, just think about this album and do your thing. the worst that can happen is you guys make some magic with your lovely parts and a kid pops out of her (or his) butt. (that's why some kids are little shits, literally).

lx - sweat sweat sweat


it's been a minute. my computer went to heaven about a year ago and i just got a new one friday. during that year i've had a handful of people complimenting this blog and saying some really kind words. you guys are tight. for real.

so the first post back is a groovy little biddy from homeboy, mo kolours. just yesterday dude released part three of his ep trilogy on bandcamp. this one's for the head nodders and percussion enthusiasts (you dorks). and it's a name your own price release, so go ahead and be cheap if you want.

i'm not sorry by the way (for not posting in a year). but i do love you guys... not really... maybe some of you. most of you.

p.s. thank you guys for the showing some love. i appreciate it! <3's and shit mo kolours bandcamp page <--- link