31 May 2013

sleep s'il vous plaît

can't sleep. i keep thinking about stuff. it feels like the summer of 2007. i listened to a lot of music on my back that summer - got to know the floor and ceiling really well.

colleen's latest is my can't sleep soundtrack at the moment. i like it, but it feels different from from her previous releases. it's faster and there are vocals (which i have mixed feelings about... especially since it makes it harder to sleep to). regardless, i can't help but listen to it. the instrumentation is beautiful and she captures a mood i enjoy in modern classical (but for real, some of these vocals aren't hitting me... i'm picky about textural vocals being on top of the mix).


27 May 2013

bio pics pt. II

just got done skyping with one of my former co-workers from home (again, not friends). and after talking about some stuff, i came to conclusion i needed to post something here. something about wanting things i can't have. that's the best because you never have to worry about rejection if you already know you can't have whatever it is you want. people, i found a way around rejection. it's fool proof. this is how you win and lose at the same time... and that's the title of my bio pic.

i was going to post some African music, but i feel like posting something else because i'm not really in the mood for janka nabay right now - it's not night music. i also wanted to post iii by the alps, but i don't have the cd on me. so i'll post an album with one of my favorite sleep-time tracks instead (1/1). good night, people.

brian eno - ambient 1/music for airports

25 May 2013

it's friday night... so i blog

this week has been pretty eventful. the house got a new roommate, a friend from back home came to visit my other roommate (but we're all friends, so we all hung out), i had a phone interview, decided to go back to school... what else... my hair was poofy today... somedays i can't help it. before the first show i had with my band/group from back home, one of my friends told me my hair was "nappy as hell." i was like "i know, man." i blame my dad. he's got that curls in his hair. i just got that waves in my hair. how did i get to talking about this??? i like how the most inconsequential event of the week took precedence over everything that matters.

so the dog fell asleep ON my computer and i feel bad waking her up, but she has to move so i can type, because she gets to sleep all day. i get to sleep all day too, but that's called depression.

how about some music... i've been on a hip hop kick lately. something about this weather and being nostalgic. i don't know, man. there's a lot i feel like saying, but BUT BUTT BUTTS BUTTSSS

casino vs japan isn't hip hop, but it's late and i'll probably make a hip hop mix on 8tracks and watch peep show and eat some cereal and think and forget about commas then sleep. (also, i really like this album right now... some tracks more than others, but the mood fits)

casino versus japan - Hitori + Kaiso 1998-2001

18 May 2013

i like how the dog just squeezed behind me on the couch like i'm not even effing here, backed out of netflix, and is now kicking me. effing jerk.

this post deserves something dope.
everything deserves something dope (except for this stupid dog).

first love

i was 10 or 11 the first time i heard digable planets. shit blew my mind. vh1 was having a best of the year countdown and 'rebirth of slick (cool like dat)' came on... i think it was the first time i fell in love with music. the jazz, the beat, the cool as eff MCs. everything about this kind of music called my name. i remember my parents buying the tape for me in chicago... they even let me play it over the stereo in the car on the way home. i was, of course, too young to understand the things the three emcees were rapping about, but it didn't matter. a year later, my dad entertained and solidified my love of jazz in hip hop and bought me guru's jazzmatazz on cd for my birthday (it was the first cd i ever owned). i remember unwrapping it and thinking how much i knew i was going to love listening to this album. around the same time, 'blowout comb' came out and i had my own money (lawn mowing money) to buy whatever music i wanted. i remember being in chicago again, seeing a record store (coconuts) from the car, asking my parents to please stop there, going straight for the rap section, and buying 'blowout comb' on cd. shit, man... i still love that album. thank you, dad. and thank you, digable planets. now i'm going to post your album on my blog like a shithead. i'm sorry. i guess i'm not sorry, because if i was, i wouldn't be posting it. but this isn't my link. i feel somewhat justified, but not really. i guess what i can feel justified about is your tour manager being a complete dick to me in chicago. i was just a dude with a digable planets tour poster, when some dickhead (their tour manager) grabs it and gives it to a pretty girl in the crowd. I WILL NEVER FORGET. THAT WAS MY POSTER, YOU ASSFUCKTURD. IF I EVER SEE YOU, I WILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF AND THROW IT INTO THE SUN. but really, i don't remember what he looks like and i probably wouldn't say anything (because i'm not really a violent person and it's not that important). my palms and underarms would just get sweaty as eff and i would wonder why i wore a grey shirt when i know how bad it looks when sweat from my underarms bleeds through grey. always bring a cardigan when you wear grey shirts, guys.

digable planets - blowout comb

13 May 2013

living on your lonesome

i think tomorrow i'm going to go to the grocery store just so i can talk to a human being with my voice. even if it's just them asking how i'm doing and me replying "good (bored)! how are you?" there's one guy who always tries to crack jokes... i'm going to get in his line. a while ago i bought some thin mints and a cadbury easter egg and dude said "whoa, looks like a party tonight." to which i replied "yeah, man, it's going to get really weird." i don't think it was an odd response, but he didn't have anything to say back. maybe no one tries to joke back with him. that's sad. i'm hoping that little interaction doesn't make for a simple transaction tomorrow. i don't even know what i'm going to buy. maybe some bread so tomorrow i can make sandwiches for the rest of the week. that's what people do when they live by themselves, right? my roommate will be back wednesday. don't worry about me, guys. if i don't end up going to the store, i'm going to try to make friends from home skype with me. and if that doesn't work out, i'm going to make an okcupid profile and get anxiety from the thought of being rejected by girls i don't message <--- that's a joke by the way... i'd rather blog about being bored)

narvu. - Jazza[我]Jazz.BeatTape_Side_A

12 May 2013

bio pics

yesterday and today have been weird ones. the thought of moving back home is starting to sink in more and more - the thought of letting it become a reality is unsettling. i skyped with my ex (of two years ago) last night. she cried. girls never (at least she never did) tell you why they're crying. that's fine. i think i already knew. and maybe i didn't want to talk about it. there's a reason people break up (THREE TIMES)... and it's usually because they don't belong together. but shit, man, i've been over it for a loooooong time and don't want to have to deal with this kind of stuff. i like being friends, but that might not work. this is dumb and personal, but i need an outlet because my roommates are gone (one is in Dubai, the other is in illinois... the S is silent, guys) and the only being to keep me company is the dog. most likely, i probably won't talk to anyone til one of my roommates get back. changing subjects is easy. the original plan was to post broken social scene - feel good lost, but i got sidetracked this morning and listened to three do make say think albums. in 2004 i took a train to new mexico and listened to goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead pretty much the whole way there and back. there was a troop of boyscouts on the train who apparently thought i was a musician from ny. kids are funny. i could probably type the rest of my life story, but i don't know you guys and doubt most of you would care to read about how unsmooth i am when it comes to trying to date... or how the one time i tried to approach a girl, i started choking on the water i was trying to drink and just walked away. i want adam goldberg or gael garcia bernal to play as me in my yet to be conceived bio pic. last year my old coworker (not my friend) payed me the biggest compliment and said i was like a mix of the two... thank you coworker. efffff, i ramble.

do make say think - goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead

11 May 2013

at all

it's been two weeks since i've posted anything. it's not that there isn't anything to post, i just haven't had anything to say. so it's perfect this post is about a band called nothing. gaze away, creeps.

nothing - downward years to come