31 March 2008

they kill soapscum

anit-pop consortium make some weird A hip hop music. this release was on the warp label, so you can assume its different. i saw them live in 2002 and they performed this whole album with an mpc, an EA-1, and a keyboard that may have been a moog source. most of the crowd wasn't feeling it, but i was... then i went out and bought the CD. YEAH!

anti-pop consortium - arrhythmia

29 March 2008

you guys seem to like the necks

so here's another one.
just so you aren't like "what the eff! its only one song." i should warn you that this is only one track long... but the one track is about 54 minutes. so uugh, double up uugh, uugh. oh, and i'm not digging this one as much as "chemist", but its still nice. NICE!

the necks - drive by

28 March 2008

sci fi

he's kind of out there in the whole sample based music genre. some say he's like dj shadow, i kind of disagree. not everyone that samples is like dj shadow. i guess what sets science fiction apart is that he sings and plays guitar on top of the sample. genre-wise, 'walls don't exist' plays like a hip hop down and uptempo jazz lounge from a scary dream. YEAH!

science fiction - walls don't exist

27 March 2008

the boards of canada side b is up

sorry it took me so long to put that link up. but its there now

26 March 2008

freak a leak II

so, the notwist have a new album coming out in june. its not called The Devil, You + Me. and you can't download it just by clicking on the what album title isn't.................. ............ ................ .. .......................... ..................... ................................ ................. ................. ........... ........ .............. ............... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ........ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

yes you can NOW YEAH!

remember when...

caribou went by manitoba? times were easier then. caribou didn't have two names and diddy was still puff daddy.
anyway... this is one of caribou's earlier albums. and to sum it up, it's pretty nice.

manitoba - start breaking my heart

24 March 2008


the title is supposed to read like sooouuultrain. so you should read it like how the guy says it in the beginning of soultrain.

anyway...this was one of those albums i bought because of the 30 second samples you can listen to at a big bookstore. it has mood, nice drums, and some nice spacey jazz and psychedelic samples blended to make an album for any fan of what the kids from the 90's would call trip hop.
from what i read, 'soulmates' was not intended to be an album. elvin estrela, nobody, used this collection of beats to sell to MCs in LA to make some money.... but it sounds like an album to me.
one warning: the tracks with rappers are not the best of the bunch.

nobody - soulmates

do you speak catalan?

guillermo s. herren and eva puyeulo muns made some lovely tunes that should be shared. mister herren is better known as prefuse 73. so you might recognize a glimpse of that hip hop glitchyness heaven in this, his lesser known project, savath y savalas. but this music is much more calm and very much on the jazz and acoustic side. oh, and the lyrics are in catalan and spanish. what sucka? que onda, chupon?

savath y savalas - apropa't

oh, and if you guys like this, i'll post the rest of the albums.

he's dead and he's a texan

and he makes ambient music that punches teeth in. its like metal ambient music.... rrraaaahhhhh!!! but quiet.
none of that is true. its just really nice ambient music and good for people to listen to for overall health and balance. (i'm lying again about the health and balance).

the dead texan -
the dead texan

23 March 2008

who's necks?

well, i'll tell you. they're three australian jazz musicians that made an incredible album called 'chemist'.
'chemist' plays like 'endtroducing' + Godspeed You! Black Emperor + tortoise. so i guess it would be like post-rock jazz.... think weather report, but modern and way more tolerable. WORD!

necks - chemist

i win

the meanest man contest. ch-check the beats. this guy has got the know on how to sample drums like a MANG (i'm a mexican-o and i'm supposed to say things like mang).

meanest man contest - merit

p.s. i couldn't find my fire wire for my hard drive so i have not been able to upload side b of the boards of canada tapes....well, today i finally found it in the trunk of my car. with that said... i'll have it upped probably wednesday. sorry for the delay.

19 March 2008

celebration post II

when i heard about celebration putting out another album i had the feeling of what it was like having a roni. so very sweet.

celebration - the modern tribe


is like yeah yeah yeahs plus TV on the radio. rad!
i actually bought this without knowing anything about the band. listened to 30 seconds of track one and thought it was garbage. but track 2 through the rest of the album is wonderfulness.
moral of the story: skip track 1.. yuk

celebration - celebration

little plastic pilots

i wonder if little plastic pilots listens to boards of canada???? hmmmmm.
so.... if you like BoC, you’ll probably enjoy little plastic pilots.... then you’ll want to go back and listen to boards of canada and say something like "wow! little plastic pilots sounds a lot like boards of canada."

little plastic pilots - little plastic pilots

18 March 2008

Department of Eagles

i didn't know this until yesterday, but Daniel Rossen (grizzly bear) and college roommate, Fred Nicolaus, have a band together... and it also has an animal in the name.
their debut, 'the cold nose', was originally released in 1995, then released again last year with more songs. i only have the 1995 release... but i do have a few recent demo songs that should start some hype for their next release.

department of eagles - the cold nose + demos

16 March 2008


josh jones (of evangelicals) described 'The Evening Descends' like a meeting between marvin gaye and the rocky horror picture show.
my description: if evangelicals was a smoothie, it would taste like celebration, blonde redhead, and pears.

evangelicals - the evening descends

old boards of canada recordings

its not that great, but if you're a fan of BoC.... you might have a good time listening to their early stuff. 'closes' was originally released on cassette only in 1992, then re-pressed as cd in 1997. 'a few old tunes' was released in 1996 on cassette only... so, good luck getting your hands on one of those.
some of the tracks sound like early versions of songs on their warp releases and some of them don't sound like BoC at all.

boards of canada -
a few old tunes: volume 1 sideA
a few old tunes: volume 1 sideB
a few old tunes: volume 2 sideA
a few old tunes: volume 2 sideB

for beginner piano

if the Count from sesame street made electronic music for kids, this would be it.

plone - for beginner piano

14 March 2008


jonathan fisher has made a gem of an album in desiderata. its one of those albums that can help me go to sleep, but also keep my attention if i'm listening. the two remixes by damien shingleton remixes should please any BoC or telefon tel aviv fan, as it sounds like a minimal combination of the two.
you can get the rest of jonathan fisher's catalogue (for free) at hippocamp. look for blue sky research, jonathan fisher's other alias.

(the only photo of jonathan fisher i could find)

jonathan fisher - desiderata

shooting the breeze

if endtroducing was made by guy in aurora, illinois.
check it.

maker - shooting the breeze

metal birds.... kakawww... rock on

Sierra Cassady (of CocoRosie) and Matteah Baim form like a little voltron person to make metallic falcons. desert doughnuts has a haunted lullaby feel with layered vocals and reverbed guitar drones. at times it reminds me of godspeed you black emperor... if godspeed you black emperor had vocals.

metallic falcons - desert doughnuts

13 March 2008


this isn't for everyone. i'm not even sure its for me.
just imagine you're crazy aunt in a padded room singing songs.
i think i like track6.

natalie rose lebrecht - warraw

don't give up

my good friend put a few of the tracks on this album on a mix tape for me. i was like "who is this?". he was like "its Serengeti & Polyphonic". i was like "oh... it sounds cool".
- end dialogue

so....'don't give up' has more of a uk hip hop sound. its a bit more on the electronic side and the mc doesn't have a typical flow. my boy over at goldenHymn doesn't like it.... but he's emo.

serengeti & polyphonic - don't give up

12 March 2008

...and the new animal collective EP leaked

get water curses here: goldenHymn

prospect H2

auto-harp madness. this is one of the most lovely recordings ever.

animal collective - prospect hummer

three things

one of the best spring time albums. just lay your large head on the floor and listen.

juana molina - tres cosas


my next few posts will be my favorite albums ever in the world of history time.
this one i fell in love with while on a plane to visit my sister. perfect music for being on an airplane and looking out the window.

Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko - 28

11 March 2008

robo birds... kaaaaw

one of my all time favorite albums of all time. i'm glad i bought this when i did, its now out of print. Mike Martinez, as electric birds, does something not a lot of people pull off very well... he makes harsh sounds seem soft and repetitions seem not like loops. enjoy!

electric birds - gradations

10 March 2008

turn that frown upside down, vincent

mister gallo needs to use less words. i mean... dang vincent, you're like a dictionary.
none the less, this song is pretty. even with all those words.

vincent gallo - so sad

pit er pat

this album sounds like a dream i had once: there was a monster ripping people's heads off and putting the heads over other people's heads. it was a very frightening dream.... but don't worry, this album didn't provoke that dream. it just sounds like the music that would play in the background if that dream was a movie... a movie made for kids.

pit er pat - pyramids

its not three german guys

its Jan Jelinek... and what a guy. love love love love love love love love LOVE YOU.

the exposures - lost recordings 2000-2004

09 March 2008

cobra kai were skeletons for halloween

in an effort to mention karate kid as much as i can today, skeletons seemed like a good choice.

skeletons - life and the afterbirth

almost as cool as karate kid

this reminds me of "amelie". its a soundtrack to a book kid koala wrote and i think he said he was watching "amelie" a lot when he made this... if you can, try to find the book that goes with this gem (JEM is her name. no one else is the same).

kid koala - nufonia must fall

08 March 2008


the new portishead leaked.
goldenhymn has it. i'm not trying to get in trouble for posting that shit. sheeeeeiiiit son.

07 March 2008

bleeding density

a collection of rare beats, b-sides, remixes, and collaborations from the opus.

the opus - bleeding density

be with

i remember seeing a review for koushik's LP in a magazine... like two years ago. until that comes out, here's his ep collection.

koushik - be with