29 June 2013

middle of things

fell asleep at midnight and woke up 45 minutes ago, light on, door open, mouth open, one sock on, coughing on my drool because i fell asleep on my back and my nose is stuffy (allergies have had their way for a few days now). there's a mosquito bugging the shit out of me and the dog is taking up the middle of the bed, snoring like she needs some type of apnea device. oh and it's hot in my room. but everything is okay, you know why? because the dog just crawled under my bed so i now have room for my legs. she doesn't like it when i play music when she's trying to sleep. it's my passive aggressive way of making the little shit move. like, i feel bad scooting her over, but i don't feel bad if she moves herself. i realize this attitude is shitty and being passive aggressive to a dog is even shittier, but like i said, it's hot in here and i can't sleep if she's all up on my legs being all warm. i hope it's not so hot under my bed. stay cool, little friend.

speaking of cool...


28 June 2013

do overs

i wish i could go back in time and not buy the peaches i bought yesterday. they taste like apples... but bad. why stop at the most recent poor decision? i don't know how far back i'd go. maybe high school? i'd probably try harder and pay attention. and not try to slick my hair back or wear dickies. high school photos are the worst. luckily they're all on film because digital wasn't really a thing 86 years ago. i guess i would say the same for my first round of college... except for the slicked back hair thing (that will never happen again). i probably would have benefitted from trying (or going to class). even after college - i wish i would have tried harder at a few things. one would be staying in sf. the other, not being so naive to people's intentions. the funny thing about writing these posts so late is falling asleep between sentences and having mini dreams. i know i questioned if dreams are at all telling in my last post, but i feel they are. the subconscious is probably the most honest thing about us.

for the first time in a while, i'm not sure what to post for the reason i have so much i want to post. i'll start with sea dweller, because i'm listening to them right now. think slowdive... that's all. they sound like slowdive. and that's a good thing.

sea dweller - Signs Of A Perfect Disaster

26 June 2013

dream things

the past couple of days my dreams have been pretty vivid. so vivid i don't remember if someone told me in real life or in my dream that i could see the craters on the super moon. i know i didn't see the craters while i was awake, but i do remember seeing them in my dream... which is problematic when trying to discern if the conversations really happened. funny how just typing that, i figured out what the dream was about (if dreams do actually mean anything). jung would probably shake my face for my parenthesis. i'd be like, "carl, chill. what's real anyway, carl? carl, am i awake? carl... carl, what's reality? carl, what's realty? how do i become a real estate agent, carl? is the housing market still on the decline, carl? how am i talking to you, carl? you were dead before my mom was alive. this is not possible, smart guy." then i'd wake up weirded out by dreaming about a blog post about dreams. this is my life, guys. i go crazy and you guys get music i like. i hope this deal works for everyone.

so instead of posting a zip file, i'm posting a couple of videos that caught my attention this morning. the first one is by soko and the second by binkbeats. peeep game, you all.

17 June 2013

the Ps apply pressure

how bad is it that my mom is trying to set me up on dates? very bad. i haven't even moved back and they're already pushing their agenda. trying to avoid this particular conversation with my parents, my little sister jumps in to save me: "she's not right for him. they're not the same. she's not cool and she doesn't like wolves." i don't know about the wolves part, but i guess that means my sister thinks i'm cool. at least someone does.

in lieu of me actually being cool, hip hop will always fill that void. (i already posted pt.1 on 8-tracks under a different name, but whatever, right?)

various - in lieu of cool pt.1
1. Charizma and Peanutbutter Wolf - methods
2. Miilkbone - keep it real
3. Crooklyn Dodgers '95 - return of the crooklyn dodgers
4. Afu-Ra - whirlwind thru cities
5. All Natural - renaissance
6. Digable Planets - black ego
7. All Natural - it's okay
8. King Geedorah - next levels (feat. Lil' Sci, ID 4 Winds & Stahhr)
9. A Tribe Called Quest - jazz (we've got)
10. Mood - karma
11. Bahamadia - uknowhowwedu

"a team of bumblebees"

a mix dedicated to gordon cole and things you can't control.

the majority of these songs won't be new to most of you. but some are pretty new to me. and that's okay.

various - a team of bumblebees (we all know the feeling)

1.girls - death in vegas
2.sometimes - my bloody valentine
3.breathless - young prisms
4.when the sun hits - slowdive
5.dawning - tamaryn
6.land beyond the sun (demo) - flying saucer attack
7.rapt - native korean rock
8.around my smile - hope sandoval & the warm inventions
9.i'm waiting here (feat. lykke li) - david lynch
10.broken drum (boards of canada remix) - beck
11.everything you do is a balloon (excerpt) - boards of canada
12.halo (feat. abigail wyles) - benjamin damage & doc daneeka

p.s. it's all one track because i wanted to make it flow and tape-like.
p.p.s. in case you need a reference b/c twin peaks might be foreign to some of you

15 June 2013

guuuuuuuusto ci-eeeegoooo and little bit of amor de jóvenes (perrito)

b/c i can't control these kinds of things.

anyway, i was supposed to be in sf today, but forgot there's a bb living in the house that can't take of herself because dogs don't have thumbs. that was my first thought waking up from the nap i just took. i'm kind of in a haze and my heart is pounding because because because ___ (i'mananxiousguysometimes). i can never be mad at the pup pup though. i'll just resent her like a disappointed parent. can't wait to fill her bowl with bits of resentment flavored dog food. joking, guys! geeeeeeezus. i love this little shit. I LUH THIS LIL BB SHIT.

alright, so here's a pretty nice beat oriented album perfect for the post-nap haze state. homie goes by conehead and comes to us by way of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. ch-check le beeeeeats.

conehead - Obscure/晦涩(bandcamp link... it's free, you guys)
(alt link in case homie runs out of free D/Ls)

14 June 2013


been happening. sorry, i won't elaborate. you know what? i'm not sorry. because sorry is for suckers and i'm not a sucker. (not really. sometimes it's good to be sorry.)

so the drummer from craft spells put out a solo effort and i'm digging it. kind of what i've been needing. for some reason/every reason i listen to some depressing shit during the hot months. no thanks, homie. i'd rather it be spring or fall and i have allergies. do people say autumn? it's been a while since i've heard someone say autumn. aaaannnyway, this album sounds how summer should feel... not dark - though the lyrics might suggest some heavier feelings.

i hate when i feel like i'm writing shit posts. not that i have nothing to say - there's just some things i want to keep. i promise the reward of copping this album is worth reading some bullshit. but if you read this and don't grab the album, you are a sucker. and if you don't even read the posts and just download, you win, but i'll consider you a shithead. do shitheads win? (yes)

hibou - dunes ep (free on bandcamp)
alt link (in case dude runs out of free downloads)

09 June 2013

i lost track of the days..

and forgot what day it was. this is not good. or maybe it is. yo no se. what is time???????????????????????????? i'm slowly going insane and that's okay. my little sister keeps posting on facebook about how bored she is... i tell her to go think about something. think about space or infinity or something like that. my aim is to make her a nihilist by the time she's 12. joking, guys; i'm sure she'll reach that conclusion by herself. then i can make fun of her boredom on a different level.

alight, so none of that had anything to do with what i'm posting. i guess that's fitting. maybe i'm hoping the next time i see my little sister, she's wearing all black and listening to htrk.

htrk - nostalgia

06 June 2013

watching black power mixtape and my roommate walks in and says "Angela Davis? wasn't she on that mtv show?..." no man, she wasn't. i remember reading live from death row in homeroom and buying 'let's get free' after 8th period c++ programming class... knowing at an early age who Angela Davis was. i'm trying to think why my roommate doesn't know. i guess he's never had to know. he never experienced oppression or racism directed in his direction. not that i have experienced it to the capacity people with darker skin have... or the way my dad has growing up (being called wetback, spic, and various other racial slurs... his family growing up in the "camp" because Mexicans weren't allowed to buy houses in white neighborhoods), but i know to an extent. when a tsa agent tells you to step aside after returning to the country (i wasn't even getting on a plane - i was getting off the plane!) and another agent takes you to a side room full of people who, from first glance, look Middle Eastern, takes your passport, and begins to ask you question after question about motives for leaving the country, i think it changes your view of how racism is imprinted in the infrastructure of our society. honestly, i think it had a lot to do with my name over the way i look... though the flight attendant asked if i needed translator... so i don't know.
so i'm going to post two albums. both represent the same struggle, but at different times

max roach - we insist! freedom now suite

dead prez - let's get free

05 June 2013

good night/good morning

one for when i go to sleep at night and another for when i wake up in the a.m. and fall back to sleep.

the thing about tape loops is you can hear the tape deteriorate. each time the loop passes through the head, it loses something and the loop becomes slightly different until it's no longer audible. kind of makes the perfect sleep music. my foreign policy professor would always say "kind of" before stating a fact. it made learning from him somewhat confusing. so i guess i should say 'these recordings make perfect sleep music' and drop the "kind of."

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops
William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops II