26 March 2013

perverted monks & mike tyson

today i decided i'm going to be a monk. all i'd have to do all day is think about shit and do pushups. kind of like what i do anyway. i realize that sounds like prison, but i'm not cut out to stand up to a dude who wants to eat my pudding. i don't even really like pudding. what am i talking about? dating and relationships. that's what i'm talking about.

i should probably post some ambient type shit to coincide with this mood i'm in, but naaaaaaaah. fLako is pretty tight and everyone should hear this dude's music.

p.s. when i was in my early 20's i made a deal with myself that if i wasn't with anyone by the time i hit 35, i would become a monk. not that i'm giving up... i've actually thought about it a lot and would/will if i feel it's for me when the time comes. (4 more years).
p.p.s. if you're a girl and know what i'm referencing in this post's title, talk me out of becoming a monk. send me a link to that third eye blind song and tell me i'm worth waiting for. lolololololololololololololol. i'm going crazy.

fLako - eclosure

24 March 2013

sacra hella mento, ca

so i moved to the sacramento area very recently. it's tight here. the music scene is kind of popping. maybe it's because everything is new... i don't know. i've met only a few people so far, but they've been cool as hell... or "hella cool" (that's how people talk out here). they say hella. hella, this hella that, hella hella, helicopter... cool, man.

before i moved out here, i checked to see what the hip hop scene was like. some very promising shit is going on here. peep game.

16 March 2013

friday nights are wasted on friday nights

sitting next the dog watching comedy central on a friday night. i have one headphone in and i'm listening to some real smooth shit. what's up ladies? how are you? i'm good. my hands are wet because i just washed them... they're not sweaty or anything. let me be honest, they're sweating. sorry. i don't wear deodorant... my underarms are sweating too. my last girl said i smelled like beans or burritos. i was like 'girl, you're kind of being racist right now.' she was 'naw man.' it's cool though, i'm watching comedy central on a friday night with a puppy named isla. peep game, guys.

jody - magique

for real though, this is only $1 on their bandcamp. check em.

05 March 2013

drums for your mums

one of the best examples of drum production on an album (of this genre) i've listened to. i'm not even going to mention the name of the album or artist name, because this shit has been taken down everywhere i've seen. so just trust me on this. if you like drums and hip hop beats, peep game. if you don't like drums or hip hop beats, you can probably eat a bowl of shit. play it loud (airhorns)!
here's the cover art though:

p.s. track two blew me away

01 March 2013


in the midst of not having a computer for a year, i forgot about so much music i used to enjoy. this is probably one i shouldn't have forgotten about. i'm feeling nostalgic tonight - i miss my family, friends, and old job. ANYWAY, one of my best friends from back home introduced me to this album while we were working. it hit the spot from the first blown out bass note. this shit just rides. groove hard, people.

les rallizes denudes - heavier than a death in the family

and because i like this shit so much, there's this

les rallizes denudes - cable hogue soundtrack (from here)

(the first 12 seconds are silent)