28 April 2013

699742 / 628315 / 717228 / 936557 / 813386 / 519225

there is some controversy about whether this is really a BoC release. i think it is (though my speculation on the 2nd volume is pretty high). here's one account of the authenticity of the cassetes: my girlfriend stole my shit and tried to sell it on ebay

i know you can't believe everything you read on the internet - "bonjour"

BoC - a few old tunes vol. 1 & 2

13 April 2013

sleep things

i've tried watching a couple movies on netflix, but i got bored within the first two minutes. i kind of wish it was raining right now. it would go perfect with these tunes. a part of me wishes i was home too. i want to lay on the floor and fall asleep with my headphones on.
there isn't much i know about yuko ikoma. the bio on her website is in japanese... but from the little Japanese i do know (the translate button. i don't know Japanese at all), i can gather she plays many instruments and uses music boxes to compose her tracks. guys, this stuff is delicate and pretty. i've been listening to it as i type this and i'm going to say this is the most relaxed i've been all day.

yuko ikoma - esquisse (wind bell)

06 April 2013

friday nights

here's some music.

rainer veil - struck ep