12 November 2011

late/early nights

my roommate wanted to stay out and maybe do some dancing, but i'm not down tonight. sorry, mang. i'm grooving in my headphones tonight. stay proper.

cfcf - night bus II

01 wait for me intro (vangelis)
02 this city never sleeps (eurythmics)
03 stranger (jhene aiko)
04 demons/behind the bank (asap rocky/oneohtrix point never)
05 keep the streets empty (fever ray)
06 aventurescence/addiction (beaumont/cassie)
07 here in heaven/one more chance (elite gymnastics/notorious BIG)
08 tongues (d’eon)
09 sappys curry/body count (underworld/meek mill)
10 lowride/unthinkable (autechre/alicia keys)

this song

and these lyrics:
I find myself thinking about friends
And if they're too lookin' out the window

08 November 2011

My Music is louder than your phone conversation

My computer is straight broken and this crazy is trying to talk louder than the music I'm playing and I'm getting annoyed at the world. Thank you, work.
There will be no music right now because I'm doing this from my phone and that shit isn't possible to upload from here. I wanted to post some new massive attack... Or something to gaze to. Sorry.

edit: i'm using my computer right now, but it's not working how it should. it keeps clicking on things randomly and it's hard to type a sentence without messing up somehow. i'm going to try to upload that massive attack thang. hopefully it works.

massive attack vs burial - four walls / paradise circus

06 November 2011


that's when it gets dark now. there was so much nighttime today.

hope fits these times.

(i didn't know if i liked it at first, but in context of how these days look, i find this new stuff to be so perfect)

mazzy star - common burn / lay myself down