26 August 2007

i love you guys....but i am busy

this record takes me back to my first year in college. it calmed my nerves and gave me a style to try to rip off....so far unsuccessfully. anyway, i love this album on sundays or any day that i feel like chilling out.

savath + savalas - folk songs for trains, trees, and honey

23 August 2007


Shut up.

16 August 2007

Didn't He Have a Song About Little Boys?

In honor of everyone being all abuzz about Devendra Banhart's new record, I've decided to post his original demo tape along with The Charles C. Leary, (techincally) his first album. The story goes that Banhart recorded the songs for the demo while traveling around Europe or something and then Michael Gira got his hands on it and released some if it on Oh Me Oh My... and then everyone started getting orgasm juice all over his records.

The Charles C. Leary is a bit more complicated. It came out in 2001 on the tiny Hinah label (they don't even have a Wikipedia entry! WTF?) and then just faded away I guess. There's some overlap between Charles... and Oh Me Oh My... which makes it even more confusing. So basically I don't really know what's up with this one, but I've never really heard anyone talk about it so I'm just assuming not many people have heard it.

Oh, and here he is in his underwear.

link--->Devendra Banhart - Demo Tape
link--->Devendra Banhart - The Charles C. Leary

14 August 2007

Better than Band of Horses

Matty G here and I'm going to be posing up some goodies while Yesoos is on hiatus. I'm not up on all the leaks and shit, so I'm going to be digging through my vaults to bring you slept-on gems and shizz you probably should have heard already.

Today I've got Exclusive Audio Footage, the Clipse's first record. The album was shelved by Elektra after the label decided it didn't really feel like promoting the single "The Funeral" all that much, which is kind of like the Fox Network and every good show they've had. It's not entirely produced by the Neptunes, but they did do most of it and a few of the beats turned up on less-good albums (Jadakiss). It took me forever (forever in Internet time = like 2 hours) to find a decent copy with all the tracks, so enjoy.

P.S. - The dudes are so young they sound like they sucked on a balloon before recording. And I think Pusha is still going by Terrar at this point, which is a stupid name.

--->link: Exclusive Audio Footage

P.P.S. - BONUS: I've also got We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 1 for you too. Everyone should have volume two by now.

--->link: We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 1

08 August 2007

gone for a minute

i wont be posting anything for the next couple of weeks....except tomorrow i might post two weeks worth of links.

and the clickits - express gifts link is fixed.


07 August 2007

label sampler

starting their thug-thizzle (justin uses this phrase and it seemed appropriate) back in 2005, moteer records has speratically put out twelve albums during their two year life span. their catalog ranges from ambient to glitch to ambient-glitch and one electronic-lounge band (Minimum Chips) that sounds like stereolab with some post-rock elements.... some call the mix on moteer "laptop folk". YES!
key tracks: 3, 8, 10, 12

various - moteer sampler<---link

its a boy!!!!!

nine months ago, telefon tel aviv and cinematic orchestra made love while boards of canada watched. today, they have a child named clickits signed to the moteer label.

clickits - express gifts<---link

05 August 2007

don't get out of bed today

...if you don't have to.
solo andata's 'fyris swan' is perfect for the days you want to be alone. its a very introspective album, but not in a depressing way...unless you want it to be.
so don't get out of bed, keep your blinds closed, and turn off your phone.

solo andata - fyris swan<---link

04 August 2007

thee, horse who floated freely

these two albums are couple of my favorites:

ramona cordova makes music that is a mixture of folk, fairy tales, kid music, and gypsy tunes. the first song kind of weirded me out with his high pitched tiny tim like voice...then i caught myself listening to the entire album over and over.

ramona cordova - the boy who floated freely<---myspace link


after finding out about ramona cordova, i checked the label's website he was on (clapping music). they put out some awesome records and are distributed through AS Corpus, who also puts out awesome albums. my favorite discovery there is thee, stranded horse.
thee, stranded horse is yann tambour of ENCRE. he plays the plays the kora, sings, and romances the ladies. this album is very much in the folk genre, but it sounds like a french guy singing like an irish guy playing an african instrument. good times!

thee, stranded horse - churning strides<---myspace link

03 August 2007

i remember when talib kweli was fresh

it was when kweli and hi-tek were doing stuff for a hip hop group called mood. i remember when mood came out, one of my friends played it for me...i loved it. after looking around peoria for a month and not finding it, i finally got a hold of the cassette version in Chicago.
the beats are haunting and the lyrics are "esoteric". check out talib kweli on 'Sacred-Pt. 1' (track 9). its sounds like his flow pattern actually changes up within the verse. WOW!!!

mood - doom<---link

01 August 2007

little sounds from japan

lullatone makes little music. they call it "pajama pop".
anyway, here is a video to illustrate why i call it little music:

that song is from this album:

lullatone - Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous<---link
lullatone is curently on tour. so check their site for dates. www.lullatone.com

and i really like this song by cubismo grafico: