27 January 2008

NY's hardest

so i log into the atease board today, notice a thread named "this kid goes to my school", clicked on the myspace link and now i'm sharing the magic you.

killa $al - ny's hardest vol.1

yes, the semi colin is part of the artist's name

if tim burton made beats

peder; - and he just pointed to the sky...

with a little bit of gold and a pager

you know i floss so hard... it makes my gums bleed

the cool kids - Totally Flossed Out EP

23 January 2008

japanese dilla?

my friend, lorance, has been hyping this dude up for a while. now i know why.

samon kawamura - translations


i wonder if he writes his lyrics?... probably not.

vincent gallo - when

21 January 2008

Why? do i leak in my boxers after i'm done peeing?

because it makes me feel at ease

why? - alopecia

dang son, its been a minute... but i'm still slicker than you

do you like your beats fresh? do like animal sounds?
i do.

slicker - we all have a plan