19 February 2008

back up, son

hmmmm... what would sigur ros sound like if they were a quartet playing minimal/ classical/experimental music? they would sound like amiina.
amiina tours and records with sigur ros... so if you like sigur ros, you'll probably like this too...maybe?
did i mention sigur ros?

amiina - kurr

17 February 2008

i'm having a really hard time trying to write about this album. so here are some descriptive words:
electronic things

the boats - our small ideas

14 February 2008

he can probably run too

i should have posted this in the middle of december, but i wasn't thinking.
its an album that has a "hey, its snowing and i don't have anything to do but look at the snow fall" type vibe. effn cool.

he can jog - we all have hot chocolate tummys and frozen faces

coconuts in paradise

no... its not a jimmy buffett album.
ITS JANE! or Scott Mou and Panda Bear if you're a sucker and didn't know.

jane - coconuts

jane - paradise

06 February 2008

a noun or a verb: shed

yeah, i couldn't think of anything more clever than that.
anyway... 'shed' by need more sources is nice for that day you set aside for laying on your back with something playing in your headphones to just think.

need more sources - shed

01 February 2008

i like this guy... he seems to be an alright lad

what does music on old cassete tapes sound like?

clovis heald - wading for motorcycles (internet version)
.... or you can buy the full version on cassette here