30 June 2008

another crappy atmosphere record

just joking, "songs for luci" isn't some sensitive 30 something year old rapping about some girl named lucy. its Paz Lenchantin and she doesn't even rap. what?! yup, she plays folk songs with guitars, strings, and voice. and best of all, she has talent... unlike the other guy that makes songs for lucy.

...oh, and paz is the bassist for a perfect circle. YES!

paz lenchantin - songs for luci

... and i decided to post again even though i wasn't going to for a while. its just that i saw shilzzz over at goldenHymn posted, so i thought i would too. i mean, he IS a man-beast with the ladies... so i should probably do everything he does so that maybe one day i can be a man-beast with the ladies too.