12 August 2008

thermal underwear

blissed out ambient music released in 2001 remastered and renovated from quarter-inch tape and reintroduced in 2008. kiln is one of my favorite electronic groups...EVER. 'thermals' is a bit different from their usual rhythmic drum patterns and drone laced albums, but from what i gathered, its because these tracks were made during their fiberforms years (which i'll up later). sit in your apartment, lay on the couch (if your cat is on the couch, kick it off and let your dog chill with you instead), stare at the ceiling, and fall asleep.

kiln - Thermals: Sonic-Carousels, Tonesheets, Loopstrata, And Slo-Wave Microsymphonies 1993-2000

07 August 2008

three pregnant women walk in a bar...

i would like to thank figlife (my #1 neighbor on last fm) for bringing Marc Leclair to my attention. 'Musique Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes' seems to have mastered the art of being intense and chill at the same time... it reminds me a bit of electric birds or efterklang at times... if they used found sounds instead of 57 instruments all at the same time.

so, its glitch, but relaxing glitch. but i feel weird saying its relaxing because it makes me feel tense too. i don't know how to feel anymore... thanks figlife. now i'm never going to know how i'm supposed to feel.

for real though, thank you for this album.

marc leclair - musique pour 3 femmes enceintes

06 August 2008

kira kira kira kira kira kira kira

yes, her first name and last name are the same. kira kira kira's (assuming her middle name is also kira) music makes you feel like a little girl going on a journey somewhere made of jello and jolly ranchers. you look in the mirror and you see yourself wearing a little poofy dress licking a lolly-pop. almost like you're in quantum leap or something. but the only mission ziggy tells you is to lick that lolly-pop and look cute.

sooooooo... kira kira sounds like mum (pre 'Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy') + lullatone. its actually pretty enjoyable.

kira kira - Our Map To The Monster Olympics

for shilzzzy

there isn't much to say about a krautrock kranky record. let's see.... its on kranky.... and its krautrock. "You get the best of both worlds / Chill it out, take it slow / Then you rock out the show" - miley cyrus.

cloudland canyon - lie in light