06 October 2008

o karen, you make good music

my little lady was reading a magazine with an article about karen o's other project, native korean rock. so we checked the myspace and found some dime pieces. with no official release for this project, i took it upon myself to rip these tracks from myspace and upload them on mediafire for the world to hear at super high 96kbs. you're welcome.
so, yeah... sorry about the bit rate. but something is better than nothing. right?
and uh, "OOO" and "rapt" are my favorite of the bunch.

native korean rock - demo

it has a rhino on the cover

i'm not sure if you guys have ever been to boomkat, but that's how i discovered this album for myself. it was on sale for i think $3 and the preview samples were pretty rad. when i got the cd in the mail and began listening, my excited face slowly turned into a sad face. then i got to track 5 and everything was good again. the sun came out, kids began playing outside, hands across america happened in my once sad heart and face. i knew everything was going to be OKAY.
moral: just skip to track five. one through four do absolutely nothing for me.

morgan caney & kamal joory - magic radios

04 October 2008

the wonder years

with a name like the fun years, one would think their music would be loud and "fun"... but no, the fun years manage to take fun out of anything you're doing. it's just going to make you want to listen and think. think about life and the things you forgot to do in the last year. not to say i don't like listening to them; quite the opposite, i REALLY enjoy listening to this album. A LOT.
if colleen used dusty records for her loops and collaborated with someone that likes the fuzzy moments of mogwai or some other post-rock band, the fun years would have someone trying to copy them. stay trill and listen to these folks.

The Fun Years - baby, it's cold inside