06 December 2011

2011 isn't finished, yo

This year is almost done, B, and i have a top ten list due at work. instead of doing it, i wrote a note explaining why i needed more time and why it's not fair to have a list due at the beginning of december. what if i become aware of my favorite album from this year NEXT WEEK? what if it's not available til december 21? what's so wrong with december that it can't hang with the rest of the months regarding year-end best of lists? i'm not subscribing to this notion. so i will be posting my favorite things from this year throughout this month.

starting with balam acab (not because it's my number one, but because it's first alphabetically)... i believe this came out in the summer (maybe late summer) and is a perfect nighttime jam album. perfect for warm walks, hot cocoa, or watching snow fall (it snowed today... only a little though). all those things are for wusses and i don't do any of that ish. so nevermind... this is a good album for lifting weights and fighting. can't wait to fight someone and play this.

honestly, i don't know if this will make my top ten. but i'm enjoying right now. be good to eachother, people.

balam acab - wander/wonder
(not my link. a simple google search found this for me)