13 March 2015


the postings here are becoming less frequent... my apologies. BUTT (two Ts because it's a big but), i'll be posting more soon! i'm working on doing something i've always wanted to do - starting a label. i'll be releasing limited run cassettes for artists on the come up who's music i enjoy - mostly in the electronic and hip hop genres, but not exclusively (i'm all for moody/music for night drives type jams).
so, if you're reading this and have music you'd like to release (or have released already but would like in cassette form), please send it my way. i'm also going to start a podcast with mixes of stuff i'd typically post here, along with interviews of artists who i'm a fan of but could use a little more exposure. so don't be a scurred turd! link me your music at victor(dot)victrola(at)gmail(dot)com