27 July 2015

my tabs

earlier today one of my oldest/closest friends asked me about an animal collective video we used to watch with panda bear and avey tare freaking out on their guitars in a record store. i found it, but it took me to a weird place. somewhere between 2004-early 2007. i remember taking a train to new mexico, listening to do make say think and campfire songs almost the entire way. we met some interesting people on the train whose names escape me, but i remember a troop of boy scouts who thought i was from NYC and a girl from orange county who seemed friendly, but was probably a turd nugget in real life (talked about coke a lot... not the soda). the point of going to albuquerque was to check out UNM, but we just went record shopping the whole time. i remember seeing sung tongs at the borders where victor, our cab driver, dropped us off (i remember his name because we share it). i wanted to buy it, but didn't want to spend the money on CDs - especially since i already had the mp3s on my laptop (i eventually bought it many times, for the record). listening to their acoustic set as i write this gives me a happy-sad feeling of nostalgia and a feeling of what ifs as avery tare wails "i wish i had more time." i wish 2004-2007 was longer than 3 years. those were some of my favorite years. 2006 was the year i moved to the place i felt closest to home. the brain is funny... just thinking about walking to work in SF puts a feint smell in head that i haven't smelled since i was there last. paris kind of had that smell, but even then, paris didn't feel the way SF felt. close, but no cigarello.
i'd love to share the other tabs on my browser and write little stories about them too, but "The psychology of the Mother-in-law" would be a whole other blog full of airing grievances that i'm not willing to share here. besides, this is a music blog and you guys are here for music.

so i leave you here with a link of the acoustic set that's making me feel the way i do right now.

18 July 2015


this kid is something else with the 404. i used to hate so much on simple drum patterns, but it's hard to fake the funk when it comes to feeling. and right now i'm feeling like i need a haircut and a hair transplant at the same time. this humidity, man - doesn't let me feel like the herbal essence girl. not that i want to feel like her, because she's a girl and i'm a man with big muscles and a lot of fluff on my chest (i'm lying my butt off right now EL OH EL).

ANYWAY, Emune has some serious skills in creating a mood out of what seems to be simple drum patterns and layered loops. don't let that fool you though, there's nothing simple about what emune does. his tracks build and go places most beat tapes fall short at. so guys, vibe out and enjoy the grooves.

emune - auras (bandcamp link to free download)

04 July 2015

happy the 4th of i've been working on a podcast

who doesn't like hearing people talk about things? who doesn't like a host who puts on his best NPR voice? (not ira glass though... he's cool, but i don't sound like him. also, this is how i talk.)
anyway, here are episodes 4 & 6 for that ace.

and again the itunes link to subscribe from there: