18 October 2015

... and all those ships

sometimes i'd really rather be spaghetti.

in other news, the homies from 99Sublime did some dope ish with this one

02 October 2015

the fall

there's something melancholy but at the same time exciting about the fall. idk what it is. i do know what it is... but i also don't know. it's a seasonal feeling with other things, i guess. kind of like how june depresses me. fall just feels like an exciting time.
past fall albums:
tamaryn "the waves"
interpol "turn on the bright lights"
ramona cordova "the boy who floated freely"
savath + savalas "folk songs for trains"
aphex twin "i care b/c you do"
milosh "you make me feel"
bob marley - (all of them)

you know what? i don't like when people "don't get" reggae. eff off

electric birds "gradations"
sam prekop self titled
that one devotchka album
animal collective "feels" + "prospect hummer"
grouper "dragging a dead dear up a hill"
(i guess fall isn't a hip hop season for me.)
but yeah, this year's fall album is a few years old:
rhye "woman"
3 days is so beautiful to me and so is this track:
also, it's fitting that the original title for "woman" was "the fall"