19 April 2008

like a swift kick to your cat's ugly face

goldenHymn posted the new flying lotus (here). i think i'm in love with this album. just in case you aren't caught up with things that are cool, flying lotus is bad frickin ass. i can't wait till this comes out for real.
if you're wondering why i'm on mister lotus' weenis, here you go:

flying lotus - 1983

flying lotus - reset (ep)

18 April 2008

(jerry) springer

haha. not funny. :(

i bought this album because i saw a leaf label ad in a magazine and thought it looked interesting. at first i tried skipping through the tracks to find the "meat" of the songs. i found no meat. these are songs that have to soak in from beginning to end... kind of how albums should be. eff a single. WORD!

efterklang - springer

14 April 2008

they're greeeaaaaat

well, maybe not great, but good enough to share. super numeri sounds like a psychedelic jazz band that listened to 'bitches brew' while in their mother's womb. track one has a very droney intro, which is nice, but when it picks up, it takes you to a whole new world (pretend i just sang a 'whole new world' to you).

super numeri - great aviaries

12 April 2008


Shilzzz from golden hymn is taking demos. when i talked to him earlier he seemed pretty excited about what he has planned.
from golden hymn:
So I'm interested to hear some demos. Been thinking about setting up an online distribution site or something for a tape label. Nothing big, but I want to at least get some demos coming in, and see what happens. If nothing else, I can always feature a good demo on here and get your bands name out. Email me = somanywheelchairs(at)gmail(dot)com, and let me know you're interested. I want hard copies though, like send me a tape or cdr or something.

more sleepy tunes

as you can probably tell, boards of canada are one of my favorites. there is just something about them that sets their electronic beats apart from everyone else. maybe its the organic quality of their sounds or maybe its in the hidden messages they put in the music. i don't know. this ep actually got me into listening to BoC. there are a few notes around the 5:05-5:07 mark that give me goosebumps. needles to say, this ep holds a special place in my heart, along with the band heart.... and "hell is for children", pat benatar.

boards of canada - in a beautiful place out in the country

for a rainy day

sometimes i don't feel like getting out of bed. i just want to lay here all day and listen to ambient music until i fall asleep again. so i'm kind of doing that today... until i have to get up, meet with shilzzz, then take my cousin to his futbol game. but i'm for real not getting up until i have to.
and this is what i'm listening to:

chihei hatakeyama - minima moralia
part 1
part 2
it's in two parts because of the high bit rate (i almost wrote but rate. that would have been stupid)

11 April 2008

getting tired

zero 7 put out a chill as efff mix that was the soundtrack to my art school career. that's all i have to say. good night. yeah!

(the artist is zero 7 for all the tracks because i was too lazy to fix it. the real artist's name is in the title of the song. sorry for my laziness)

zero 7 (various) - another late night

the opposite of a hard circle

former black dice drummer, hisham bharoocha, made an album. its called 'full bloom'. yup.
like most albums by drummers, 'full bloom' is full of percusion and almost completely goes without melody. doesn't sound very promising does it? that's what i thought. i was wrong. and then i was upset about being wrong. now i'm better

and i should thank matty g for getting me on soft circle. thank you matty g.

soft circle - full bloom

just in case darondo didn't work

lovage WILL get your girl... or guy in the mood. i played this at work today, and everyone started efffn like crazy. you should have seen it. oh man. oh freaking man.
just lying. that didn't happen at all. but i'm not lying about the mood getting of this album.
dan the automator + kid koala + mike patton + jennifer charles = raunchy

lovage - music to make love to your old lady by


no... why? haha.
a lot of people like why? i do.
so here is a project yoni did with andy broder (aka The Fog). there is a background story to this project.... it was made in a basement in two weeks and some other stuff. if you plan on buying the cd, don't be alarmed by the red marks on the cover. it threw me off and i thought the guy at the record store was a turd and marked my cd case. but he wasn't a turd, he was a person.
anyway, i REALLY like track one. the rest is okay. YES!

hymie's basement - hymie's basement

10 April 2008

lesser knowns

yeah. here are scott herren's lesser known projects. delarosa and asora plays as a glitchier prefuse 73, a cloud mireya as an english savath y savalas, and piano overlord as a sample free prefuse 73. honestly, these aren't his best works but are worth listening to or trying to find for purchase if you're a prefuse 73 fan. so, peep game son (im not your dad). YEAH!
oh, and i don't have ahmad szabo... sorry young blood.

a cloud mireya - singular

delarosa and asora - backsome ep

delarosa and asora - agony part 1

piano overlord - The Singles Collection 03-05

08 April 2008

people started dancing...

so i had to stop the party. maybe broadcast will make you people stop the gyrating.

i know, everyone probably has this album, but i was listening to it yesterday and thought... what if there was a person that has never heard of broadcast?
for those of you that fall into the "i've never heard of broadcast" category, expect a chilled out trippy late 50's/early 60's sound. Whe-wha WORD!

broadcast - work and non work

so, there's an it's okay not to dance party going on at the blogspot today

let's get the party started with something bright... something NEON!
neon neon is boom bip and gruff rhys. if you know what either of them do, this is not what you would expect... at all.
track 4 is on point, i'm trying to start this party right, people. let's do this. YEAH!

neon neon - stainless style

07 April 2008


if mum's 'Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy' had a baby with arcade fire.
sometimes i like this album, sometimes its just okay. just try to be in a good mood when you listen to this. and if you don't like it, its okay to be a hater. i'll suggest adding them on myspace and commenting on their page about how much they should stop making music and that you are glad you didn't waste your money buying this album... but you wish you wouldn't have wasted the time it took to download it.

hjaltalín - sleepdrunk seasons

i couldn't think of a clever title

this album reminds me of a drawing my little sister gave me. its full of heart and i loved it, but it looks like shit.
so i guess what i'm saying is dudley perkins really can't sing, but it doesn't really matter. the vocals are very endearing (especially when he hits the falsetto)... and the beats are some of madlib's best (whatever that means). YUP!

dudley perkins - a lil' light

06 April 2008

spring music

yeah, its spring music. beautiful, calm, and spring-y... like one of your favorite smells.
this album is one of those albums i consistently go back to when i just want to chill out and think about not being where i am (location-wise).

cibelle - the shine of electric dried leaves

05 April 2008

wasn't this the name of moses' first album?

are you in the mood? do you want to be in the mood?....
here is your remedy.

darondo - let my people go

04 April 2008

guess what?

lullatone made a kick ass album. that's what.
do yourself a favor and listen to track three. she sings and raps about biz markie. COOL!

lullatone - the bedtime beat

is he french or something?

with a name like Benoit Pioulard, one might think so. but this guy speaks english and makes music in the u.s. of a... good for him.
'precis' is kind of a shoegaze folk experiment pulled off in a way only an american can. in other words, this album is excellent.
p.s. i'm only joking about americans. i love most americans, especially my mom, shilzzzzzzzz (from goldenhymn), my greasy but beautiful girlfriend, and me)

benoit pioulard - precis