20 October 2011

heat loss

so... the furnace at my house broke. i knew i wasn't being a wimp about the coldness. it was like 55 in there... so i had to drive back to my parent's place.
feels like the only time i post is when i'm here. whatever. depending on how long the furnace is broken, i might be posting more.
i looked for a minute to find something i thought sounds cold. all i could come up with is this ep by isan. it has more of a winter vibe though, but since it's so late (4:30am), i'm going to settle.

isan - trois gymnopedies

15 October 2011

wearing out CDs

it's saturday night and all my friends are doing dumb stuff. one roommate is out of town to meet his girlfriend's parents. the other roommate is at a wedding. my co-workers are at a show i DO NOT CARE TO BE AT. i'm home... listening... waiting... chilling... probably going to drink some wine again... by myself (just like last night). that's fine though. more wine for me. even though i can only really handle one glass. i do have a question though... say i do eventually make it out of the house to do something... how do avoid the purple lips? shit looks straight stupid.

anyway, yesterday i received a mix. a perfect mix. it's been getting a lot of play on my roommate's CD player. my CD player is broken; my roommate broke it when he dropped my laptop (i didn't tell him).
it's weird... the last time i received a mix i really really liked was like 2003. i remember because it was the year i started working at the book store and received mysterious mixes in my employee mailbox. it was a girl. we dated for a while. she turned out to be crazy so i had to dip out. but she had impeccable taste in music... and that's all that matters in life. the end.

(i hope sarcasm was noted in that last line there)

i'm at the sleepy part of the mix and i want to call it a night. it would give me a good reason to just hit the save button, tell my laptop "i love you", go to bed, and keep this shit in draft status forever. but i wont do that. i'm going to share two somethings that mean a lot to me. you guys probably already have this stuff, but i feel obliged to share something when i post.

my bloody valentine - loveless

slowdive - souvlaki

*these two are not my links. simple google search of these albums would have given the links you need to find what you're looking for. that's what i did.

10 October 2011

staying at the P's

decided to stay at my parents tonight. i waaas going to go home, but i fell asleep on the floor here and thought it would be better to just crash here the rest of the night... after this post, of course. the 35 minute drive home sucks when i'm tired and i want to avoid parking on the street as my car got keyed last night. i mean it's no big deal that there's a few scratches on my car... it's just a car. but that someone would do something like that bothers me. if you want to vandalize something, go tag walmart... the actual building. it's not like they (as a company) go to their parent's house to make bean burritos to last them the week because they're trying to save money for their best friend's wedding in Arizona. eff, people... EFF! i just bought that car too. and i don't care that it's a used Camry. i still worked a lot of hours.
i must be tired. i'm ranting something i didn't even think about two hours ago.

a block away from my parent's home is a studio i frequent to make music, get advice, play with synths, hang out with friends... STG SoundLabs. dude (suit and tie guy) makes modular synths and sells them to your favorite artists (i thought about name dropping here, but i'll refrain). homeboy also makes tunes. his recent recording is from a live show. i dig it a lot. PEACE out..

*you can download this whole set on the bandcamp site for free

06 October 2011

same sentiment as last night

which is why i'm posting another Grouper album. alien observer.

my friend recently picked this lp up for me. i am forever grateful... but still... same as last night.

grouper - alien observer

05 October 2011


i used to want to live in space to get away from all the shit here. sounds dumb, but when i watched Watchmen i really felt what the blue man was saying as to why he left earth. there's also a radiohead song i used to enjoy for this reason. the name slips my mind, but i do know it's on okay computer.
the other day i came across an album about leaving earth. i'm going to post it right now, drive home, then go to a rap show. what i want to happen is post this shit, start to drive home, then get beamed up to space. could you guys imagine how much perspective is gained from being in space?
i realize this is kind of dumb, but sometimes i can't articulate or want to present what i'm thinking at the moment. music, peeps... music. my mood will inevitably change by the time i leave the venue tonight, but right now i'm going to bask in my mood and hope aliens are real for the next 30 minutes.

solid space - space museum
*this is not my link. mediafire effed up my upload.

04 October 2011

last night

i woke up too effing early. apparently my friends don't sleep. i got six messages and replied to all of them. why did i do that? i don't know. maybe because i was so damn sleepy and wasn't thinking. i bet my messages are ridiculous... i'm a little too embarrassed to go back and re-read them. this was all my fault though... forgot to turn the internet off on my phone.
maybe sleep messaging is like drunk messaging.
speaking of drunk... this music has nothing to do with being drunk, but everything to do with october. happy october, peeps.

umberto - from the grave