24 April 2014

circa 2006

i don't know how i almost forgot about this mix. a few days ago my brother in law asked me about a mix i gave him a few years ago that i bought in 2006 from a dj i met in a SF record store on haight. i think it was my first venture on haight by myself. my roommate told me to take the bus from van ness (i think it was the 49) if i wanted to get to amoeba records from sutter. but i'm a dummy and decided to walk once the bus took a turn i didn't recognize. i'm glad i walked though. i remember walking into a small, halfway underground (literally) record store hearing some soul with a breakbeat that was begging to be sampled. i asked the guy working who it was (i forgot what he said) and noticed he was working on some beats from his laptop. struck up a conversation and ended up buying his mix. didn't really know what to expect, but this stuff was DOPE! so here you go, people... i don't know how available this mix is (pretty sure it's long oop).

shout out to dj b. cause for being cool and one of the first people to have a conversation with me in a new city. shout out to Matthew Africa as well... he and b. cause made a super dope mix
After a quick google search i came across quite a few articles about Matthew Africa being no longer with us. the cool thing about music though... this stuff doesn't go away... and he left us with some really, REALLY great stuff.

matthew africa & dj b. cause - various - soul boulders vol. 1

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