29 December 2014

2014 B.O. (body odor)

took a bath yesterday, played two soccer games, and i still don't smell! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?! i'll tell you how. there's this body wash i used with odor guard. i don't plan on bathing for the next 3 days because of this body wash. you suckas are wasting your time taking showers everyday.
just joking, guys. don't be nasty. but for real, i can't smell myself. i don't know how i smell. probably good.

my body odor has nothing to do with my top albums of 2014, but i'm going to post them anyway.

(in no order)
* Jonwayne - cassette on vinyl
* Confucius MC - the highest order
* Deru - 1979
* Miserable - dog days
* Federico Durand - el estanque esmeralda
* Michiru Aoyama - 暖かな季節 (warm season)
* Clap! Clap! - tayi bebba
* TOPS - picture you staring
* Delicate Features - the passenger
* Andy Stott - faith in strangers
* Miserable - dog days

and my favorite tracks from my favorite albums of 2014

various - 2014 B.O.

aaaaaaand a cool picture from my view at work (when it's nice out)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list, everything best in new year :)