24 April 2014

circa 2006

i don't know how i almost forgot about this mix. a few days ago my brother in law asked me about a mix i gave him a few years ago that i bought in 2006 from a dj i met in a SF record store on haight. i think it was my first venture on haight by myself. my roommate told me to take the bus from van ness (i think it was the 49) if i wanted to get to amoeba records from sutter. but i'm a dummy and decided to walk once the bus took a turn i didn't recognize. i'm glad i walked though. i remember walking into a small, halfway underground (literally) record store hearing some soul with a breakbeat that was begging to be sampled. i asked the guy working who it was (i forgot what he said) and noticed he was working on some beats from his laptop. struck up a conversation and ended up buying his mix. didn't really know what to expect, but this stuff was DOPE! so here you go, people... i don't know how available this mix is (pretty sure it's long oop).

shout out to dj b. cause for being cool and one of the first people to have a conversation with me in a new city. shout out to Matthew Africa as well... he and b. cause made a super dope mix
After a quick google search i came across quite a few articles about Matthew Africa being no longer with us. the cool thing about music though... this stuff doesn't go away... and he left us with some really, REALLY great stuff.

matthew africa & dj b. cause - various - soul boulders vol. 1

my work clothes are fading, but i don't care b/c they're my work clothes

chilling at a bookstore coffee place, waiting for my homie to get off work. trying to sip on this mocha because i know if i don't sip, my stomach is going to get all pissed off and start talking shit (literally). gross, right? well you know what? i poop everyday.. think about that for a minute.

i was thinking about why i haven't posted in a while and came to the realization i had nothing i wanted to share or say. everything i want to talk about has to do with my job and i don't like talking about my job too much because i don't want to get in trouble with the company i work for. BUT i will say this: i work with some shitheads. not the good kind either. homophobic, racist, misogynistic b-holes. it makes me appreciate the people i used to work with a lot more. i mean, i liked the people i used to work with, but this new job puts so much perspective on how cool they are. (if you're reading this and i used to work with you, this isn't about you... i'll never think you're cool (joking)). i don't know man, work places are so weird. it's like everyone is a character. at my record store job, my manager was pretty much batman (love that dude and his superhero tendencies). we used to talk about fighting and martial arts and how to be ultimate warriors (although, i'd rather be an intimate warrior LOL). another coworker used to kick people out of the store by threatening them with a wood stick that had a nail sticking out of it (we used it to turn the air/heater on and off). another one used to think he was being slick by checking out the girls that walked by... till i started standing behind him saying "HEY!" so they'd turn around and see him. he stopped for a while after that. i roomed with another one... he was my bff. another one was part devil, but cool to talk about things with and play pool against. see man, those were some fun people to work with. the people i work with now, i keep at a safe distance. with the exception of one or two people... the rest are shitheads. NOT THE GOOD KIND.

anyway, i don't even know what album to post...
well, i kind of know what to post... i've been going through my cd collection and finding stuff that takes me back. so for the first of the nostalgic cd collection, i'm choosing pikachu... lol... i'm lame. no, but for real, qwel is the dude. especially when i was like 19 or 20. i remember being at scribble jam thinking i was having a conversation with him bc he was hanging out at the galapagos 4 table, but it was just some other dude. my friend told me it wasn't him. i felt stoooooopid.

but yeah, i bought this cd at scribble jam... HATED the first track... and i still do. track two is the shit though. skip track one if you're not a sucker. if you are a sucker, have fun being a sucker (enjoying something i couldn't... i hate you)

qwel - the rubber duckie experiment