31 May 2015

thank you guys!

i wanted to say thank you guys for all the submissions to the label and podcast! there were many/almost too many. my apologies for not getting back to everyone. though i will say, you're all very talented and have some serious skills! please don't be discouraged if i didn't reply - not everyone's music fit in with what the label or podcast is doing, but that doesn't take away from the pool of talent from the submissions.

so i'm three episodes deep, with the latest ep featuring an interview with scott xylo. dude is growing into a beast of a beat maker. his latest track is full of the most chill vibes money can buy - money can't buy chill vibes, but it can buy you a website for your label and a place to host your podcasts. so that's what i did with the royalties i earned from making the beat for "laffy taffy." (i didn't really make that beat, but i lied about it once).

ANYWAY, peep game, guys.

here's the podcast:
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and the label website:

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