02 September 2015

i only sleep when i'm not supposed to

last night i wrote a post about infinity and the number 1. i'm not posting it b/c maybe i'm going crazy. it's dumb how i wake up every night at 3am. it's dumb as hell how the thought of space and all the possibilities of the universe cross my mind at the same time as having the insecurities of wanting a good hair day sunday for an event. life is funny like that. the big things make you feel small enough to think about the little things like the molecules that makeup the reason you're living with a perpetual bad hair day. i'll probably just wear a hat anyway. it's almost 5am and i'm thinking about looking up the history of hats. good morning, everyone.

btw, lord apex has a new ep. it's cool.

(this is what i wanted to post last night, but i'm listening to this at the moment)

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