15 February 2016

happy brandon boyd day

It's true brandon boyd of incubus changed his bday to mine b/c i got it like that. but for real, i don't have it like that. fooled you guys for a minute. for real for real, it's been a really nice, chill day. slept in, had breakfast/lunch and coffee with my lovely girrrl, and i'm about to watch the bachelor a little later. taking it back to the days of living in a sacramento burb, watching sean lowe deal with his season of mostly down to earth ladies (and one crazy). i don't know anything about this season. all i want is drama for these people. it's like staring at the aftermath of a car accident. you hope no one gets hurt, but you can't look away, b/c it's not something you see everyday... it's not even something you want to see.
anyway, i'm hoping the rest of 34 feels like the past few days in the approach to this age. chill, fun, lovely... and a little bit of excitement from stealing a rose for my valentine. proflowers effed up my order, so i had to steal something. i don't feel bad about it.
so to keep me and everyone in that lovely, chill mode, i suggest Yoh the Shaolin's "Tales Over Tea." think 90's rap, meditative flows, and the best of vibes.

Yoh the Shaolin - Tales Over Tea

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