18 September 2013

funk is a good word and fancy cars are for men older than me

i'm not sure what it is, but today was weird. maybe i can call it a funk. but you know, funk is a cool word and i'm not sure if i want to put it in a negative light to describe how i feel. i've been trying to DL a movie for the last 4 hours, but the stupid thing won't work. so now i'm just listening to music and staring at the ceiling being an idiot. maybe i should have done something tonight. i don't know... it's like, do i go see a stupid movie or do i sit at home? i chose home, obviously. tomorrow though... i'm totally going to work. YEAH! what has my easy life become?? mid-midlife crisis over here. if only i had the money to buy a fancy car like i was really going through a midlife crisis. i'd drive it around and listen to something really quiet and wonder why i bought a fancy car when all i want to do is watch the movie i'm trying to download. this might be the only time i'm going to apologize on this blog and mean it. sorry for the shitty post.

at least there's always music. but really, i'm only posting this for one song... because the one song is pretty dope and i keep listening to it. if i had a fancy car, this is the song i'd ride to right now. there's a full moon tonight (even though it's cloudy and moon is hiding) and my anxiety is high and i feel like i need to stretch (but not literally stretch... it's hard to explain). oh, and my hair is doing its treasure troll thing today... even it's sad. lol.

alright, i'm going to watch some adventure time and lay on my bed till i fall asleep. goodnight.

slava - soft control

p.s. the dope track is #4

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