04 September 2013

no trains

so i didn't have work training today. and i won't have to go in over the weekend either. praise be to computer maintenance deities - i offer you the rest of my little sister's bag of skittles in the fridge. please accept this gift.

ANYWAY, after this amazing post i'm going to watch a movie on my computer. because why would i go to the movies? i mean, i would like to go to the movies, but there is nothing i would go see by myself... it has to be something cool... or with someone i want to sit next to for a little over an hour... in which case, i don't care what the movie is (also known as: being excited about november (even though there won't be time for that)). oranges poranges, WHO CARES?

this one's for the moody BBs. "stay moody, my friends." - dos equis guy
(it's also for the sleepy BBs)

ensemble economique - fever logic

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