15 October 2013

lazy today

all i want to do is pick my toenails and think about things. about an hour ago i planned on taking a shower, but i ended up eating a can of beans and some pita bread while watching parks and rec. don't worry guys, i washed my hands before i ate. and i only pick at my toenails when i have nothing else to pick at. i need a bracelet or something. but maybe not. i always end up breaking them because i mess with them too much and i don't take them off.

i'm posting something that isn't what i'm listening to right now, because what i'm listening to right now is a gloomy mix i made in the summer and i don't feel like sharing it with you turds (mostly i don't want to take the time to tag it properly and upload it). instead you guys will get something by arca. this is big speaker or headphone music btw... if you don't have either, i'd suggest closing this tab and listening to some cazytown "come my lady/come, come my lady." also, the track at 6:28 is my jam to play on my way to work. it hits.

you can download it from the download link on the embedded sound below:

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