05 December 2013


there's this guy i work with named mike. mike likes camo and country. he wants/needs his future girlfriend to like camo and country. he's the most sincere annoying little shit at my job. needless to say, work wouldn't be the same without him (i'm still undecided if that's a good or bad thing).

today i told him a joke i thought he would get a kick out of:
Q - how do you make an eggroll?
A - you push it.
(i remembered it from a laffy taffy wrapper)
he didn't laugh really, but he individually told everyone we worked with... so i think he enjoyed the joke. i don't know... maybe he didn't get it at first. it's not really funny, but it's the kind of joke i can hear mike telling his future girlfriend's parents at dinner someday. i hope they laugh.

now for the music... if yoshimi battles(...) was a broadcast or stereolab record, secret angles would have been made way sooner. i wonder of mike would get a kick out of the name of this band...

cock & swan - secret angles

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