18 December 2013

it's okay not to dance

just got done watching a movie on netflix and noticed the tab of the post i was going to write earlier: "Blogger: it's okay not to dance..." then i remembered why i chose that title. my aunt owned an arcade/dance club for teens that i would go to on friday and saturday nights (this was when i was in 7th and 8th grade). i remember people trying to get me dance... even going as far as pulling me off my seat to get up and move around. it wasn't happening... i won't dance for you. fast forward to me being 24... my 2nd night in SF with someone (my roommate's friend) i just met the night before. we were hanging out at an OM records' tenth anniversary party and i was NOT DANCING. everyone in that building was dancing but me (and the bouncer). my new friend took me to a different room with a bunch of mirrors and said "just look at yourself and move to the music.. follow my lead." i stood there, holding my water, looking at myself looking stupid in the mirror while she danced. at that point i didn't know if i would look more dumb dancing or just standing there. i just stood there.

so the title to my blog is just a reminder that i don't have to dance to look stupid.

(eventually i did dance... a few years later with the influence of vodka + orange juice. that was a fun night. so the moral is: if you're going to look stupid dancing, drink a vodka + orange juice)

(but the REAL moral is: it's okay if you don't dance because your sister made a fool of you at the tender age of 5 when she convinced you to do an embarrassing dance in front of your parents for $5 and then didn't give you the money after)

so here's some music you don't have to dance to.

kuedo - severant

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