15 February 2014

all my children

that show got cancelled. just like all my plans. i'm going to take a minute and feel sorry for myself today. this seems to happen everytime i plan to do something on my bday. i remember my sister getting me tickets for a show to see gorillaz on my bday... it snowed over a foot and roads closed. another time an ex got tickets for another show... it snowed and delayed the train... we missed the show. this year i was trying to see my gf and it snowed the day i was supposed to fly out and all the flights cancelled. my back up plan didn't happen b/c of other unfortunate happenings (that i wish didn't happen for non selfish reasons). my back up to the back up plan isn't happening either... b/c everyone wants to go to SF on their day off and i don't have seniority to get a seat on a plane before them. spent most of the day by myself b/c everyone thought i was leaving and they made their own plans. also, lost money on a hotel. so yeah, if you're born in february, i'm sorry for you.

i realize i'm throwing myself a pity party, but i need this outlet b/c i don't know who else to complain to.

i should probably post my BO 5/5 list, but i don't want to right now. instead i'll post what i think is my favorite album of 2013. i say "i think" it's my favorite album of 2013, b/c i don't know. i just think it is.

kelela - cut 4 me

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