22 December 2017

Blogger, I can't quit you

Life is funny and I'm a dick sometimes. I want to say sorry to someone, but my gut is telling me not to. Not because they don't deserve the apology, but I just shouldn't. The apology is a few years late and I don't think it's fair to right now. So I'm just going to put this out here... I'm sorry. If the universe brings you here, don't question if this apology is meant for you - just know it is.

What brought me to this point was a lot of thinking and creeping.

Speaking of creeping, you know what's funny about my most recent ex? I think she's mad about a tinder profile my roommates inundated onto me. I don't even want to date right now. I don't have time for that ish. Even if I did want to, there's no room to be angry when she was the one who ended things. It's weird how fast I got over her though. Of course, I still have love for her, but it's the kind of love I have for an old friend. My gut told me she wasn't right from the beginning. Did I listen though? No. And for that, I apologise to myself. My gut also told me tinder is wack af... deleted that ish with a quickness.

There's a moral here: Listen to your gut, every time. It'll tell you everything.

Chasing the moon from yesoos on 8tracks Radio.

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