11 January 2018

night drifts (pretty girls i used to know pt.2)

11 days in and 2018 has been a rollercoaster of feelings. There's a hole i'd like to crawl into, and no, not a butthole. That's gross. You know, when people (mostly guys) say they want someone to sit on their face, they should really ask themselves when the last time that person really cleaned out their b hole. b/c do you really want shit bits on your face? Now I understand some people might - it's their thing - but for the rest of us, i know there's a reason we wash our hands after we use the restroom. ANYWAY, i'm heading back to school in a few days and i don't really want to. i just want to work, find a girl who's kind as eff and gets me, start a family, grow, and tell myself i made it.

Nighttime Drifts (Pretty Girls I Used to Know pt.2) from yesoos

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