29 September 2011


midnight is probably my favorite time to do groceries. there's a check-out woman working almost every 3rd shift who works at my favorite grocery store. her name is Dahlene. she doesn't like anyone. and for some reason, i like that.
this mix is dedicated to people who don't like people, midnight groceries, Dahlene, and the hope Dahlene is happy some day. i don't know though... she's kind of old... probably set in her ways.


1. AHU (dolly) - i know all SIMBAD rmx
2. Beaumont - midnight
3. Tokimonsta - day job
4. Air France - it feels good to be around you
5. Emika - pretend
6. SLEEP ∞ OVER - your world is night
7. Chromatics - killing spree
8. Dj Shadow - midnight in a perfect world
9. The Chemical Brothers & Hope Sandoval- asleep from day
10. Koushik - too much tenderness

*again, the tags are probably effed. so sorry

25 September 2011

yogurt cittay

there were so many things to do tonight... and i came home early and ate a yogurt. probably going to bed in an hour.
it's been hard to get to sleep if there isn't some type of sound to distract me from thoughts......
i have a lot to say, but no thanks.

here are some grouper distractions for your sleep.

grouper - split

*this is one part of a split release with inca ore. sleeping is the agenda, so no inca ore, people. sorry... not sorry. te amo.
**i feel like i've already posted this.

19 September 2011


whenever i play S.maharba at work my friend/co-worker, angel, asks what i'm playing... i'm like it's S.maharba. EVERY TIME. i told angel i would get it to her tonight (there's a birthday party tonight!) or upload it for her (because my CD burner is broken). here it is, S.maharba for all you guys too.
i guess i didn't really explain what S.maharba is. cool. i'm not going to. love you all. good night and happy partying.

s.maharba - s/t

18 September 2011


people act surprised when i mentioned i was going to my grandfather's to watch boxing with my family last night. i'm a very calm person, but there is something about being physical i enjoy. maybe because i grew up with a family of boxers; my grandfather was a boxer, my uncles were boxers (one of them a golden gloves winner), my uncles'/grandfather's first cousin was ranked 7th in the world as a super featherweight, i watched my dad train on bags, they all took me to boxing matches before i was even in preschool... and so on and on and on... the point is i grew up around boxing and i want to feel unapologetic, BUT there is a part of me that feels like it's a bunch of shit for two people to act violent towards each other for sport. that part of me wants to balance out the testosterone drive that makes my fist clinch and hands clammy when i watch two athletes duke it out. that part of me is the same part that likes to chill out on the floor and listen to airy music and let my mind go.
last spring, sick in france, i was searching for the kind of music i could groove to on my back... acheron was what i found. realising there were only 25 cassettes of this made, i jumped on getting a copy to be waiting for me when i got back home. you guys don't have to wait. find a nice spot on the floor and don't think about things that make your hands sweat. space the eff out, people. peace.

acheron - september day fire
(TLWS) (label link)

17 September 2011

what's up

just not feeling it today. happens to everyone, i guess.
is there such a thing as mild bipolar? i understand the polar part means extreme opposite, but there has to be a lite version of that shit, right? maybe it's just called being moody. i don't think i'm a moody guy. possibly a little........ i'll call it moody lite.

i'm going to let karen dalton sing me to sleep. good night, people. i love you all. not really. just some of you. but i don't think anyone i know reads my blog... so... i probably don't love any of you. it's possible i would like you a lot though.

my roommate and i had a conversation the other day about liking. you know that part in a relationship when you like someone a lot, but don't want to say love?.. and you let them know how much you "like" them? that's the best and not the best. it's been a minute since i've liked someone. AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE I'M PARTICULAR OR PICKY. yes it is.
stay picky, people. good night for real this time.

karen dalton - It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going to Love You the Best

09 September 2011

woke up way too early

effing dreams. damn it.
at least tumblr is interesting... thank you, gonja sufi.
just learned the reptilians are effing our women. that sucks. i'm not even going to try to compete with that. if a girl is attracted to a reptilian, what's supposed to make me think she's going to be into me? i'm telling you, man...i could go on about this. people are crazy as hell and i'm feeling loopy.
speaking of loops, they make the rhythm. a beautiful rhythm.
i wish my dreams felt the way the caretaker's music sounds. i would probably never wake up or always be locked-in like dude from the diving bell and the butterfly. i just had someone translate all my blinks to write this post - it took 3 hours.

the caretaker - an empty bliss beyond this world

08 September 2011

sleep good .ok. (c90 side a)

so this is the first sleep mix i've made for someone that isn't me. hopefully they like it. hopefully they go to bed smiling and have good dreams... and hopefully they have a cassette player. side b isn't going up, sorry people.
(i'm not sorry)


1. dead drums - narcoleptic shock
2. peaking lights - Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers
3. die jungen - Cold Night
4. shlohmo - Empty Pools
5. juana molina - Filter Taps
6. lucas santtana - Mensagem De Amor
7. lullatone - bedroom bossa band
8. ocelote rojo - Untitled #1
9. grouper - Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping
10. mickey mickey rourke - MAMA
11. susumu yokota - shinsen
12. colleen - Sun Against My Eyes

*the tags on these tracks might be off. everything is tagged from my itunes and looks good on my computer... but i was informed the mp3s on my mixes were missing tags. my apologies.

06 September 2011

20 degree drop

i think i've woken up three times since 2am (it's now 4:45am). maybe because i left the lights on... maybe because i'm stressing telling my boss i have to quit my tutoring job... maybe both? probably both. it's 4somethingAM and i'm blogging/listening to sea Oleena's 'sleeplessness'. pretty perfect, yeah? pretty manly too, right?
be manly men, guys. check out sea oleena, raise your testosterone levels, kick a cat, quit your job that actually makes a difference, and blog about things that keep you up at night. TIGHT, SON.
(i didn't actually kick a cat or raise my testosterone level)

sea oleena - sleeplessness
*bandcamp link. name your price, foooo. or be manly man like me and buy the cassette from bridgetown records - kevin (homeboy that runs the label) is a very nice guy and runs his label with a lot of care and sincerity. shout out to kevin greenspon. holla at your boy, kevin.

04 September 2011

homegirl, you tight

so badly i wish i could own a theremin and play it like Clara Rockmore. she tight, son.
track 4, "De Falla, Pantomime", makes my belly full. something about it just makes me feel good. like watching the opening credits for Amelie or something.

clara rockmore - art of the theremin

oh bars

i was there for maybe an hour... so glad to be home. it went from jack johnson to some bullshit metal (trust me, it was shit). then a girl i used to date played some biggie and best coast; probably the two best things in the juke-box. what if there was real juke music in the juke-box? i would probably still be there.
anyway, the girl kind of made me uncomfortable, so i left.
this city kind of sucks, yo.
so sorry for complaining, internet. let me make it up to you.
(get depressed, people... i'm not sorry)

tropic of cancer - sorrow of two blooms

01 September 2011

homeboy Doug...

asked me to post again.

i was playing this at the record store the other day and my friend was like "this is pretty music." it is pretty, but i would say it's more cool than pretty. it's like that girl that you think is pretty, but but she's so cool you would rather call her cool and assume pretty is implied by the way you talk about her. eff... girls. shout out to the girl i'm facebook lurking on (stalking is a strong word i'm not ready to use for myself).

die jungen - just a dream