08 July 2013


when i first started boxing, my coach would always correct my chin: "chin down! keep your chin down!" when your chin is tucked, your shoulders provide cover from blind spots (left hooks if you're an orthodox fighter). this is important because a knock to the chin dazes or KOs. like most people, i don't learn from someone just telling me. the first time i got hit with a blinding left hook on the chin, i saw stars and my mood turned from being up to wanting to give up. (also, getting hit doesn't make me angry... or most other boxers for that matter. because anger blinds and drains your energy more than anything (not breathing has the same affect)).
i was an out-fighter... which means i stayed on the outside, jabbed, tried not to get hit, and used my feet to evade the space my opponent was trying to close in on me. the more i trained, the more i realized the lessons i was learning weren't just for boxing. maybe i'm stretching for this, but lessons are lessons and i believe the things i learned about myself are as true outside of boxing. i don't like letting people get too close (figuratively and literally), and i still haven't learned my lesson with keeping the most vulnerable part of me protected. moods can change so fast from taking a knock, that it just makes you want to give in and give up.
it's about 2:30pm and a'll i've done so far is eat a bagel with nutella, drank some arabica coffee, and watched half of a movie. i'm trying to think of ways to make this post and day not so gloom. maybe i'll eat the left over pizza from yesterday (because pizza is medicine for everything). PRIZZA TIME!

moonbeams - radio san francisco

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