31 July 2013

told you i'd see you suckers later

so it's my last full day in california. so much stuff to do today (but i have to wait till my uncle gets off work to finish up last minute stuff) and i don't know if i'll have the time to post later or even tomorrow. uuuuggggghhhhh. anyway, california was cool, but i'm ready to go back. i'm going to miss a puppy taking up half the room on the bed and waking me up every morning to go outside only to find she's eating her own turds. but really, i'm going to miss her.

from turds to turd, one of the things i very much enjoyed about being here is really getting to know someone i consider a supreme turd - a really ~cool~, funny, nice, cute, and awesome person who puts bees in my stomach and makes my chest pound. funny how i moved out here and got to know someone who lives in a place where the accents are funny, eh. universe, you're a funny and weird thing. but you're also an awesome thing.

i'm posting white heaven's "out" because peace out and because supreme turds have great taste in music.

white heaven - out

p.s. the title track is a jam

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