17 July 2013

science of sleep things

i was going to post about how sleeping is easy. well it's not. the pup is sick and i get to clean it up. this is making me seem like i don't care that she's sick... i do care. it's just that she's an idiot and eats things that aren't edible to any living creature (except maybe a goat).
for those that aren't cleaning up after goat-dogs and want some sleep, here you go. i probably hate you for sleeping, but not really... i don't hate anyone.

jürgen müller - science of the sea


Haar Milch said...

Hey there,

check this out... maybe you'll like it

Yesoos said...

thank you for sharing that link! i'm listening to it right now and really liking what i hear. feel free to share anything else you think i may enjoy.