28 July 2013


i caught the stupid dog eating turds again.

realized i don't like drinking wine by myself. also realized i don't like drinking wine. it doesn't taste good and i'd rather eat candy.

my roommates were supposed to take me out to eat tonight, but that didn't happen. probably a good thing. i don't have the money to go out and i talk too much about them for them to be nice to me now.

what else... i leave in a week. goodbye california.

seriously, this wine tastes like vomit. the dog and i have something in common (we both have shit in our mouth).

this is how cool i am, you guys. it's saturday.

various - in lieu of cool pt.2
1. noir. - The Penthouse (Prod. fLako)
2. Slum Village - untitled (fantastic)
3. Swerve & SYG - SYG - Love.Sent.Delivered (LSD) (prod. Gloam)
4. Chuuwee - Navigation(Prod. By Pete Pine)
5. Chuuwee - Post-Mortem
6. Flamingosis - Euphoric (One For Knx)
7. Evan Holt - The Guitone Ft. Chuuwee(prod.whoarei)
8. Lee Bannon & Chuuwee - Feet Deep Part 1
9. Ras Nebyu - Washington Slizzards
10. Joey Bada$$ - 95 Til' Infinity [Prod. By Lee Bannon]
11. Kazi - Average
12. Blaise B. & Jay Kubes - Mad World

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