23 July 2013

i have enough toes and roommates

i'm looking at my toes right now and it looks like i don't have enough. i do have enough. five is enough on one foot. but i think what's messing me up is my left foot being crossed over my right ankle and angled in a way i can't see my left pinkie toe. if this was tumblr, i'd take a picture (no i wouldn't). i don't even know why i'm talking about this. maybe because i'm trying to distract myself from my roommate... maybe i want him to go to his room and crawl out the window when he wants to leave the house so i wouldn't have to watch another "really funny" youtube video or hear another stupid accent. even the dog looks at him funny... like, "shut up and don't touch me, man." this post is getting negative. sorry. i'm just annoyed and i need a distraction.

so i'm definitely going to fall asleep before i figure out what music to post. the roommate went to sleep and the dog is resting her head on my arm as i type (and it's making me very relaxed).

i don't remember if i've posted this already, but whatever, right? it's relevant.

king krule - s/t

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