07 August 2013

a post about nothing with music i think i've already posted

interviews make me so nervous. it's not even till tomorrow, but still. maybe it's a good thing i'm so tired right now.

my mom is playing candy crush, my dad is watching honey boo boo (or whatever it's called), little sister is on her phone looking at one direction pictures on instagram. she doesn't know i can see what she's looking at. i'll stop looking... i don't want to turn into my mom... trying to look at my computer screen to see what i'm doing or who i'm talking to. it makes looking at tumblr nearly impossible. if she saw a boob or a butt on my screen... oh man. i like how google chrome is cool with the way tumblr is spelled but isn't about to let someone type instagram without a red line underneath. you know what else is cool? i'm really tired at 10pm and i'm trying to type this and it's going to be all loopy and stupid and just me giving a play by play of the day (maybe).

still haven't figured out what i'm wearing tomorrow, but i have potential interview clothes in the wash, so i can't go to sleep yet. why the eff am i writing about nothing?

here's some music for wanting to sleep but you can't because you need to throw your clothes in the dryer. it's nice to dream about dreaming.

clickits - s/t

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