18 August 2013

cool vs cold

i can't stress that enough.

i feel like master p right now. but i'm not a retired rapper... or even a rapper. it's weird to think about hip hop aging. it's like it didn't know it got old. or maybe it did, but it doesn't care because every phase of it's life has been cool to the cool kids... including it's midlife crisis years (1998-2000something). so it's more like that old guy who you know is old but is still cooler than you. (this isn't a metaphor for me by the way... i'm not 40 and i don't think i'm that cool).

but back to my frustrations. no matter how honest you are, you're not going to please everyone. i'd like to think i'm not as cold i was made to feel tonight, but i don't know. see that? i may not be old and cool, but i might be old and cold. and "what's cooler than cool?... ICE COLD." - andre 3000

the music is from a post i took down a few days ago. it's still relevant.

clap! clap! - gwidingwi dema

wreck and reference - black cassette

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