24 August 2013

rhyming words / smelly tu _ _ s (fill in the blank)

i'm procrastinating. which means i'm going to post some music. lucky you.

i was eating with my mom and sister earlier and we were talking about me and how i was when i was really young... like when i was a baby up till i was 6 or 7. i told my little sister the story about how i hated my pre school teacher because she yelled at me for not thinking cat rhymed with cat. technically it does rhyme, but what the eff?! get off my shit, man. who rhymes the same words and thinks it's okay? i didn't even think it was okay when i was 4. Mrs. Connor, i hope you're not such a lame anymore. you were the only teacher to make me cry and feel stupid.

machinedrum - (rhymes with connor's dumb)

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