26 August 2013

some sisters have bad taste in stay home programming

my little sister said adventure time was depressing. wtf, little sister? you don't know what a depressing cartoon is until you've watched david the gnome. it was one of those cartoons that was on when you're home sick from school chilling on the couch trying to find something to watch. it was either the price is right, soaps, or david the gnome. 1987-(whenever i stopped caring about cartoons when i was sick) were the worst years to stay home from school. do you guys know what happened at the end of the final episode of david the gnome? (spoiler) he turns into a tree. david the gnome turns into a TREE. life lessons. you get sick, stay home from school, eventually you die because you're sick, and then you turn into a tree.

speaking of staying home from school, i had to watch my nephew today... guess what we watched. adventure time, suckaaas. i'm pretty sure he didn't understand the jokes i was laughing at, but he laughed anyway.

i'm not really sure what music to post to go along with this. either something as depressing as david the gnome or something as cool as adventure time. maybe both? okay, both. the first one is the depressing david the gnome type release.

c. wolfe - p is b


d'flower - ep

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